Thank you for joining us for our Holiday Amazon planning webinar! In case you missed it, or if you want to rewatch it, please see our recap and videos linked below.

Amazon holiday planning - strategies to win hyper competitive q4

Don’t Sacrifice Brand Awareness for the Sake of RoAS


  • Brand awareness is just as important to business goals as ROAS. It’s crucial to lean into holistic consumer discovery plays, especially for brands with longer consideration periods.
  • Paid is great for amplifying a foundation but if the foundation isn’t optimized, a brand can’t grow.
    • BSR, Title optimization, Pricepoint, A+, all contribute to a product’s growth on Amazon.
  • Brands should focus on building media/investment plans around holistic growth (tACoS) vs attributed ACoS to better help measure true impact and brand growth.

Think Outside the Box for Q4

  • Brands should run promotions leading up to peak time frames such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to increase organic traffic during high-converting periods.
  • Drive external traffic to increase sales without running lead-in promotions.
  • Lean into brand storytelling through Brand Store updates, SEO updates, and A+ content.
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s suite of tools such as Amazon Attribution, Amazon posts to increase Brand Store followers, and the customer engagement tool.


Modernize Your Path to Purchase

  • The path to purchase has changed fundamentally. Consumers are less brand loyal, favoring choice and convenience above all. 
  • Use custom CTA’s on your site to drive to retailers such as Amazon.
  • Larger enterprise brands should focus on consumer choice and making their purchase process as convenient as possible.
  • For emerging and mid-tier sellers that are more cognizant of profit margins, allow link-outs to Amazon but only during peak holiday periods.

Think Long-Term: Looking forward to 2022

  • Q4 marketing efforts will expose your brand to new customers/audiences. Effective segmentation and retargeting of those consumers can allow for retention and upselling later on in the year.
  • Amazon’s free customer engagement tool (beta) allows advertisers to retarget store followers via email blast.