We are so excited to be listed as a “Crain’s Best Places to Work” agency!

Crain’s Best Companies dispatched surveys to more than 23,000 city employees. Each person answered a confidential and extensive 86-question survey, covering topics such as working conditions, benefits, and corporate culture. The scores were then combined with results from a separate 78-question survey completed by employers.

When we were established in 2003, our Co-Founders Josh and Dinesh Boaz saw an opportunity to create a new breed of digital agency; focusing on culture, innovation, and long-term sustainable growth.

“We’re honored to be on this list for two years running. From the start, we’ve put emphasis and focus on a company culture based on diversity, transparency, and education. Nearly 17 years after we started, Direct Agents today is a reflection of what we believe modern agency life should be – prioritizing diversity, independence, constant learning, and a strong work-life balance. It’s really great to see the hard work paying off,” said Josh Boaz, Co-founder and Managing Director of Direct Agents.

The impact of these guiding principles is shown in firm performance, well beyond industry benchmarks. In the past three years, we’ve enjoyed 90% employee retention and achieved annual compound growth rates of over 35%. In addition to that, the team at Direct Agents consists of 71% non-white and non-male employees.

We created several programs to empower the team by giving back to their community. This year, we launched Hyperlink, a mentorship program that pairs high-performing, but underserved minority students from CUNY with mentors from Direct Agents. We also founded Women of Direct Agents (WoDa), an organization focusing on women’s leadership growth in digital marketing. Initiatives like these have helped our employees become motivated to make a positive change not only in their work but in the world around them.

As an agency, we understand the importance of communication and transparency in the workplace. In order to maintain satisfaction and growth, Direct Agents regularly conducts internal employee surveys to make sure expectations continue to be met, and that any upcoming challenges are swiftly and appropriately addressed. Through this open dialog, Direct Agents continues to build a progressive and positive agency culture.