Direct Agents: 2022 Outlook

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Company Culture, Marketing Strategy, Trends | 0 comments

The new year is a wonderful time to reflect on not only the past but what lies ahead. 2021 was a year full of unique learnings and challenges within the marketing industry. Here’s what DA leaders across disciplines anticipate going into 2022.

  • Jackson Richards, VP of Strategy – “With rising ad costs and updated privacy policies constraining targeting and attribution, brands will rely on improving customer experience, retention, and discoverability in order to combat rising paid customer acquisition costs.”
  • Sara Martinez-Noriega, VP of Human Resources – “As hybrid and remote working options continue to geographically expand the professional job markets, opportunities will increase not only for candidates but also for employers willing to embrace these shifts. With so many options for candidates, values-based organizations committed to investing in their employees will reign supreme in the continued talent wars.”
  • Khari Motayne, Director of Inclusive Strategy – “At the start of the month, Adage covered the alarming rate women are leaving the agency and media spaces. This trend plays into a broader trend of women’s participation in the workforce. How the industry responds to this direction next year will significantly impact the next decade on the future of work.”
  • RT Zhang, Director of Paid Media – “As the digital advertising landscape gets noisier, earning and maintaining social attention will become a trending topic. The boom of digital videos and new platforms like TikTok has posed a new challenge to marketers. Focusing even more on creating experiences at every stage of the consumer journey will be crucial.”
  • Valentina Elegante, Creative & Content Marketing Manager – “Authenticity in creatives is no longer just a buzzword, but an expectation from consumers as they continue to support brands that align with their values. This expectation will lead to an even more prominent surge in the influencer marketing space in 2022 and beyond.”
  • Mark Glauberson, EVP – “Prepare for the Metaverse to become mainstream. Advertisers will need to solidify social expansion channels as part of an ‘always-on’ media mix strategy and explore innovative ways to achieve business outcomes.”
  • Monnica Farag, Account Director, Strategy – “With more and more consumers seeking authenticity and values that align with their own, brands need to lead with their purpose in order to build trust with consumers and eventually their loyalty.”

As we head into the new year, we can expect new challenges, innovations, and opportunities across all marketing disciplines.

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