Direct Agents Announces Launch of NEW Innovative Amazon SEO Technology – “FOMO”

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Amazon, Technology | 0 comments

“FOMO” (Feedback for On-Page Management & Optimization) is proprietary technology developed by the Direct Agents team that helps to quantify the impact of any product detail page change on Amazon to pinpoint the precise optimizations that grow sales.

Los Angeles, CA – The Direct Agents team is excited to announce the release of our latest Amazon technology, “FOMO”. Short for Feedback for On-Page Management & Optimization, the tool is the industry’s first and only technology that monitors all product page updates, such as price, content changes, reviews & more, against real time performance metrics such as glance views, ASIN keyword rankings, sales and BSR. The end result is a real-time feedback loop of any Amazon listing change that allows the user to find quick, data-backed optimizations to a brand’s listing and helps grow sales beyond just advertising.

“We originally created FOMO out of necessity. We needed to better understand, for example, what impact did the PDP title changes or pricing changes we made have on performance and sales? We created this technology so we could quantify these things and also focus more on organic growth for our clients than growth simply through advertising.

Given the economic uncertainty in 2023, we are focused on continued, incremental sales for our clients. The FOMO tool helps our team of experts develop sustainable strategies that drive business growth and profitability during volatile times of increasing costs. I am proud to announce that Direct Agents is the first to market with a tool like this.”

Daniel Owen, EVP at Direct Agents  

The FOMO technology is a feedback loop that provides brands with organic opportunities and helps users identify white space in their market, pinpointing exactly how to optimize Amazon strategy to ensure sales growth. Integrated with a team of Amazon strategy experts and built to complement Direct Agents’ proprietary SOV technology, the FOMO technology allows Direct Agents to take your brand strategy and profitability to new heights in 2023.

If you’re interested in learning more about Direct Agents’ Amazon offerings and how our eCommerce team can help your brand grow on Amazon, email to learn more.