Women of Rising: The Lineup

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Rising: Conversations with Leaders on Their Way Up, is hosted by Josh Boaz, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Direct Agents and Mat Zucker, Partner at Prophet. Josh and Mat focus on the rising leaders across marketing, media, and innovation.

For Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the women who are shaping their industries. Hear about career and personal development from some of the amazing women who have been featured on Rising.

Betty Liu – Not Waiting for Permission 

Betty Liu, formally Executive Vice Chairman at NYSE and Chief Customer Experience Officer at Intercontinental Exchange, is now Chairman and CEO of D and Z Media Acquisition. Betty helps listeners understand and define their personal brand in just three words. 

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Ann Talley – Setting Your Own Roadmap

Anne Talley, Global Brand Leader, takes listeners through her career journey, from starting an intimate apparel brand for Ralph Lauren to becoming vice president of two major beauty brands. 

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Molly Carapiet – Appreciate What Different People Bring to the Table

As Head of Student Loan Refinancing at First Republic Bank, Molly brings a diverse background and leadership stories from her time on the US sailing team.

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Eunice Chi – You Need to be More Tenacious 

In this episode, Eunice Chi, VP of Newsletter Growth & Acquisition at Business Insider, dives into the parallels and differences across departments and advice for dealing with company politics. 

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Kristen Fallon – Life is Not a Straight Line

Kristen Fallon, Head of Global Brand & Digital Marketing at GE Healthcare, shares her experiences in marketing and international development and how it all started with turning down a job as a bond trader to join the Peace Corps.  

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Stacy Brickman – Careers are Marathons

As Vice President of Marketing at Sony after spending 10 years at American Express, Stacy has ample advice to share, from managing people and the corporate ladder to her career choices and getting her MBA.

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Amy Weisenbach – I Ask a Lot of Questions

Amy Weisenbach, SVP of Marketing at The New York Times, talks about her career across diverse industries, building a marketing practice, and what still scares her, even after establishing a successful career.

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Ivy Brown – Building Your Toolkit

After her time at TIAA and Johnson & Johnson, Ivy Brown became Senior Vice President and Head of Brand and Community Marketing at TD Bank where she learned how to build her career toolkit as a marketing leader.

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Ashley Laporte – Learning by Doing

Ashley Laporte, Director of Integrated Marketing at Seventh Generation, talks about challenges she faced in her first job out of college and what it was like to create a successful campaign that launched directly after the State of the Union in 2019.

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Portia Mount – Take Charge of Your Career

Portia Mount, Vice President / Head of Marketing at Trane Technologies, talks us through three things everyone should do to be successful. 

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Please join us in celebrating these amazing women and learning from their stories. If you know a great marketer for Rising’s next guest, reach out to marketing@directagents.com.