As the war continues to wage in Ukraine, over 1 million civilians have fled the country. Join Direct Agents in offering our support to the people of Ukraine as they seek refuge. Here is a list of ways we can help:


World Central Kitchen is set up on the border of Poland and Ukraine, as well as in restaurant kitchens across the country, working to serve hot, nourishing meals to Ukrainian refugees. Help feed the people in Ukraine who are in need of food, energy, and love.


For the increasing number of refugees fleeing Ukraine, finding shelter is a pressing issue.  Host 4 Ukraine is a platform through which people around the world can offer up space in their homes for the people who have been displaced due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Help Ukraine Win is fundraising to provide essential supplies to Ukrainian people who are fighting on the front lines.

Medical Aid

Donate to these organizations to help provide the necessary medical equipment to individuals with diabetes, children fighting cancer, and people urgently in need of emergency response packs intended for first responders, oxygen concentrators, critical care medicines, and much more.


The following organizations and campaigns help support those being who have been affected, particularly addressing varying groups of people and their specific sets of needs.

For more resources and ways to help, reach out to [email protected]