Renewable Energy in the US Market

Case Study

After seeing decades of success in European markets, our client sought to expand into the US which was dominated by energy giants like Exxon and Chevron. With limited brand awareness in a market that is not yet very receptive to renewable energy, our client aims to lay the early groundwork for future success.

We started with audience research and customer surveys to gain an understanding of the perception of renewable energy and the brand. We found that each target industry had unique perspectives and needs that couldn’t be addressed with high-level brand messaging alone.

Direct Agents built customized marketing experiences for each targeting vertical that included specific audience selects, media inventory, messaging, and microsites. Our research also showed that, while European businesses are willing to invest in reducing their carbon footprint, American businesses are more likely to make decisions based on the bottom line.

We crafted a brand story that focused more on the efficiency and financial benefits of renewable energy while reducing the emphasis on environmental impact. We utilize AI in 3 key areas to maximize the impact of advertising; media preferences, media mix modeling, and platform optimization.

This allows us to make the greatest impact on audiences, remove the guesswork of media investment, and minimize waste when testing and scaling. Our segmented media distribution strategy included a mix of digital channels, OOH, and trade partnerships. Identifying the right partnerships was key to the success of the strategy as they led the way in message resonance and lift.


increase in YoY awareness as measured by Kantar


increase in YoY revenue