Marketers at every level understand how challenging it can be to drive cost-effective acquisitions and measure marketing strategies effectively. 

After many years analyzing the current landscape and the challenges consistently faced by our clients, the Direct Agents team has perfected our tech capabilities to help our partners achieve the best performance with the most efficient budgets. In 2023, every dollar spent by our clients is working harder to achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

Marketers face increasingly complex performance challenges, with rising media costs and performance insight limitations due to the evolution of data privacy. Kanopy AI was developed to address this new landscape by taking a cookieless approach to predictive insights and bidding.  This solution has consistently proven to generate increased scale and efficiency for all types of brands.

Kanopy AI consists of 3 core products

  • Media Mix Modeling takes out the guesswork and provides brands with the optimal media mix to see holistic growth, and with Kanopy AI’s “What If” scenario planning tool, brands are provided advanced insights into how varying media budget scenarios will impact their projected performance.
  • Forecast maximizes the performance potential of every dollar using machine learning to proactively adjust media strategies
  • Bidding makes a $100k budget feel like $300k using intelligent bidding that increases efficiency beyond the limits of native bidders

Feedback for On-Page Management & Optimization (FOMO) Technology is the industry’s first and only Amazon organic impact measurement technology. This proprietary tech product monitors all product detail page changes and integrates Amazon performance metrics. By utilizing these metrics, this technology helps brands easily quantify the impact of any organic strategy on Amazon. Direct Agents is able to provide real-time a feedback loop for how performance is impacted by any PDP (product detail page) change, such as listing price, promotions, product title / bullet points / content, OOS, LBB, and more. This allows brands to pinpoint the precise optimizations they can make to grow sales without the need to increase ad spend. This data is integrated in a customized and efficient dashboard, so clients are able to keep track of their performance. Simply put, brands can now supercharge their organic presence and sales on Amazon.