Integrated Search Case Study

The Challenge

In today’s world of increasing competition, rising media costs, and economic uncertainty, marketers must take new approaches to increase efficiency in capturing and converting users into customers. This especially rings true for highly-specific and niche targets that are more competitive and often more expensive to reach.

To help solve this need, Direct Agents has developed an integrated approach to Search that leverages the power of both paid media and organic optimizations to deliver increased brand discoverability and CVRs all while reducing CPCs.

Our Strategy

To achieve holistic brand efficiency a systematic 3-step approach to Integrated Search was activated that included:

Using forecast projections to identify areas of opportunity with high volume and high cost (CPC) keywords

Developing custom-tailored landing page strategies with a focus on optimizing on-page content to align with previously identified keyword opportunities

Developing new paid ads to incorporate the enabled keyword and landing page strategies


Brands with Integrated Search enabled experienced significant gains in all primary areas of focus

Decrease in CPCs

Increase in Conversion Rate

Increase in Conversion Volume

Increase in Keyword Quality Scores

Decrease in CPA