Case Study: Driving Trial Sign-Ups

Leveraging Synergies Across Business Units

Utilizing AI to Identify Strategic Opportunities

Direct Agents devised a data-driven strategy utilizing DMP data and AI-powered analytics to identify strategic opportunities for cross-business promotions. Through a comprehensive analysis of historical data, we created a robust targeting framework encompassing over 400 streaming shows. By cross-referencing behavioral patterns across all business units, we built a product matrix that enabled effective cross-promotion.

Sustained Growth from Trial Sign-Ups

As a result of our strategy implementation, Funimation experienced a remarkable 60% reduction in overall Cost Per Acquisition. Within six months of launching the campaign, growth consistently averaged 20% month-over-month across all business units. In addition, our campaign achieved an outstanding 60% conversion rate from free trial sign-ups to paid subscribers for Funimation’s SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) service, solidifying the success of our efforts.



60% reduction in overall CPA


Average Growth

month-over-month average growth across all business units


Conversation Rate

conversion rate from free trial sign-ups to paid subscribers