First Advantage

Case Study

First Advantage, once a bellwether in the HR-tech space, was losing market share to smaller, more technology-forward competitors during a pivotal moment in their industry. As a result of the Great Resignation or employment reshuffle of 2021-2022, customers were looking for background screening technologies that would enable them to onboard employees faster. 

To capture this demand and win back market share, Direct Agents partnered with First Advantage to develop and execute a Go-To-Market campaign for their Profile Advantage technology.

In our “Hire Smarter. Onboard Faster.” campaign, we developed a differentiated position in the market for First Advantage, establishing First Advantage’s technology advances to shareholders, and increased speed and ease of use to customers.

We rolled out this messaging strategy across a new website, product videos, and marketing materials at their annual Collaborate summit, including keynote presentations, signage, and digital ads.


Earnings beat Wall Street forecasts by 36% over the following two quarters


Stock price rose through the end of the year


Increase in year-over-year sales