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Our Blueprint Methodology

Our Blueprint methodology guides the creation of customized CTV marketing campaigns, where we hand-select inventory and publishers to maximize scale and efficiency. We integrate your CTV campaigns seamlessly with other Digital Marketing Channels to provide a holistic approach.

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Premium CTV Inventory

Our systems of top-tier publishers & partners — reaching 250MM+ monthly uniques, vetted for fraud, ad clutter, and sensitive content — empower brands to maximize their budget towards business objectives.
Master Multi-Tiered Procurement through Our Curated Marketplaces

  1. We offer access to premium CTV inventory across diverse publishers
  2. Our direct relationships with publishers allow our clients to take advantage of exclusive perks like free creative, product betas, and more
  3. We are technology agnostic and not limited to solving all problems with the same tool. We select the best platforms for each client’s unique set of KPIs, target audiences, and campaign parameters

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Creative-First Campaigns

  1. Take a Creative-First Approach: Our approach focuses on crafting compelling, innovative creatives specifically for CTV. We’re dedicated to crafting engaging and interactive assets, designed to amplify your brand’s presence and extend beyond the visual
  2. Consider Your Audience: Leveraging dynamic ad insertion, we deliver real-time, relevant content. Our sophisticated approach tailors each creative to match viewer behaviors and preferences, offering a personalized ad experience
  3. Lead with Innovation: Stay ahead of the competition with groundbreaking ad formats. Our approach doesn’t just follow trends – it sets them. By integrating advanced creative insights, we ensure your ads drive substantial brand performance

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Impact 360

We combine the best tracking tools with our industry-leading measurement solutions to unlock a data-driven lens on your CTV performance.

  1. Precise ROAS & CPA Tracking with IP-Pixel Attribution: Our trusted and vetted IP-Pixel measurement solutions connect ad exposure on CTV devices to online actions, revealing the true impact of your campaigns against metrics that matter
  2. Uncover the Hidden Value with Incremental Lift: Our model goes beyond limited direct attribution, isolating the incremental lift in brand awareness, purchase intent, and conversions driven by your CTV campaigns
  3. Actionable Data for Continuous Improvement: Our team provides access to comprehensive dashboards with key performance indicators and actionable insights to interpret performance data and make strategic recommendations

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