Amazon Update:

Amazon has announced several important Prime Day deadlines for sellers. The date of Prime Day 2022 has not been confirmed yet, however it has been predicted that Prime Day will occur in July. Here are the dates that sellers should be aware of:

  • Prime Day Lightning Deals: Submit Lightning Deals for the week of Prime Day by April 29th, 2022 (11:59 p.m. PDT). Although there is no way to guarantee that your deal will run on Prime Day, sellers can expect to see an overall increase in traffic and conversions during this period.
  • FBA Inventory Shipments for Prime Day: The FBA shipping deadline for Prime Day this year is June 20th. Sellers should plan to send their inventory shipments ASAP so they arrive at fulfillment centers before the deadline. 

Our Recommendation

Although the date of Prime Day 2022 hasn’t been locked down yet, sellers should start preparing as soon as possible to ensure that they don’t get left behind. Sellers need to act quickly – we recommend prioritizing the below:

  • Submit Lightning Deals ASAP: Brands should avoid waiting until the last minute to submit promotions for Prime Day. There is limited space for Lightning Deals, and although the deadline to submit promotions is on April 29th, sellers could see the option to submit deals disappear earlier due to high demand.
  • Plan Coupon Promotions in Advance: Although coupons for the week of Prime Day do not have a deadline like Lightning Deals, sellers should still plan their coupons and promotions in advance, as they do require approval before going live on the platform. This way, once Prime Day is announced, sellers can ensure that their coupons and promotions go live during this high-traffic time.
  • Send Inventory in ASAP: To meet the increased demand that Prime Day brings, sellers should send their shipments in soon, especially if they are shipping internationally. Brands must stay in stock the week of Prime Day to make the most of this peak shopping event.

Amazon experts at Direct Agents can help your brand prepare for Prime Day and other peak shopping periods. Reach out to [email protected] today to get started.

– Sara Rosenberg, eCommerce Strategist