Case Study


Optimize the online presence of Sony Crackle, a leading video entertainment network featuring full length movies, TV shows and original programming.


Strategy / Identity / SEO

How we did it

Conducted extensive keyword research matching user intent with titles hosted on Sony Crackle.

Wrapped movies, shows, and episodes with the appropriate structured data

Indicated to search engines the appropriate name of each title and granular information about the streaming service itself


All titles hosted by Sony Crackle began to rank in Google Universal Results as a “Free Streaming Option” which in turn, provided higher click-through rates

Crackle was also featured as the first streaming option available for highly competitive titles like “Seinfeld”

Sony Crackle optimized structured data pushed out Hulu and Amazon as streaming options, leaving Sony Crackle’s Universal Result as the only option available


Month of YoY Growth on Amazon


Month of YoY Growth on Amazon


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