Strategic Marketing Advisory

Customized solutions to help brands roadmap for growth

Marketers face growing demands every day.

We help brands and marketing teams respond with winning strategies that optimize resources and drive sustainable growth.

Immediate and long term marketing leadership

Actionable growth roadmaps

Resource and investment optimization

Direct Agents Consulting Group solutions are designed to help

  • Small and resourced-strapped marketing teams

  • Marketing teams undergoing staffing or leadership transitions

  • Brands experiencing loss of market share or rising acquisition costs

  • CMOs and marketing leaders in need of more strategic firepower

  • Companies working with underperforming media agencies

How We Help

Go To Market

Our comprehensive Go-to-Market solution crafts your brand’s optimal plan for success inclusive of a market analysis, competitive intelligence, and positioning strategy.

Examples of Our Work
  • Worked with the nation’s second largest eCommerce Ecommerce retailer to launch and scale a new brand across DTC direct to consumer channels and nationwide retail
  • Provided revenue opportunity forecast and comprehensive Go-To-Market strategy for new haircare brand, helping them secure VC funding and launch eCommerce Ecommerce business

Marketing &
Outsourced CMO

We provide immediate and long-term marketing leadership and firepower with a tailored growth plan, ensuring your business doesn’t miss a beat during times of transition.

Examples of Our Work
  • Helped BBC America acquire 2.5 million paid streaming subscribers for BritBox through integrated media strategy development and execution
  • Provided interim leadership within the corporate marketing team of publicly-traded B2B company, helping them develop a comprehensive campaign strategy for a new product launch

Research &
Audience Intelligence

Leveraging proprietary tools and methodologies, we help you gain a comprehensive view of your distinct audience segments and reveal the critical touchpoints that drive engagement.

Examples of Our Work
  • Conducted a needs-based audience discovery and segmentation initiative for a global CPG company to reveal opportunities for accelerating adoption of new brand
  • Developed audience persona handbook for streaming media company to guide their recommendations engine, resulting in 34% increase in monthly hours of viewership per user

Customer Lifecycle

We provide the insights and roadmaps to help you increase satisfaction and value of your customers. Our CLM solutions include loyalty program development, analytics-driven product recommendations, and transformational customer journey optimizations.

Examples of Our Work
  • Helped streaming media company increase monthly hours of viewership by 34% by developing and implementing data-driven app experience and marketing campaign optimizations
  • Developed and executed CRM campaign messaging, creative, and data strategy that led to a sharp rise in repeat purchase rate for an international apparel brand


We harness our digital expertise to help modernize and future-proof companies for today’s competitive digital landscape.

Example of Our Work
  • Partnered with an international women’s apparel brand to implement the organizational, marketing, and data capabilities needed to transition business from retail-focused sales to a digital-first business, resulting in 50% YoY revenue growth from digital channels.


We help refine and amplify brand value propositions to distinct customer segments across the entire flywheel, enabling brands to stand out in a crowded environment, gain share, and improve price positioning.

Examples of Our Work
  • Helped define essential Go-To-Market brand messaging and refine communication of core value propositions and differentiators for an herbal supplements brand
  • Developed omnichannelomni-channel brand messaging strategy for a new app-based service targeting parents of young children


We help companies gain an early-mover advantage as we approach industry-wide adoption of Web3. Our advisors can help you develop a reputation as a forward-thinking brand, and engage your audiences in innovative ways by planning impactful first steps into Web3.

Examples of Our Work
  • Our strategies include token-driven loyalty programs, NFTs, Metaverse experiences, and more.

Polycultural &
Inclusive Strategy

As a diverse and minority-owned firm, we leverage our unique perspective to help embed an inclusive marketing approach across multiple organizational functions, from inclusive brand strategy and authentic positioning to internal authenticity and building inclusive workspaces.

Examples of Our Work
  • Helped scale AFAM-targeted personal care company, which was ultimately bought by P&G
  • Developed and executed omni-channel campaign for a leading tourism authority to drive travel demand across key cultural communities

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