Employees need a positive company culture now more than ever. Check out our recap of Direct Agents and Triplemint’s recent virtual panel “Company Culture & Leading with Integrity” where our Co-Founder, Dinesh Boaz, and Co-Founder and CEO of Triplemint, David Walker discuss the significance of prioritizing company culture and how to lead with integrity.

Make Decisions Around Culture

      • Envision what you want your company culture to look like and then tailor your hiring, policy, and strategy decisions that embody that.
      • Core pillars of a strong company culture include a commitment to being purpose-driven, supporting wellness, promoting diversity, etc.

Promote Open & Honest Conversations with Employees

      • Open lines of communication across levels and departments are crucial. Your employees want to feel seen, heard, and valued.
      • Take the time to understand employee pain points, interests, and suggestions.

Hire Employees Who Align With Your Mission

      • Hiring employees who resonate with your company’s mission statement and values will strengthen your culture.
      • Employees who align with your company’s mission are more likely to stay long-term and become culture-builders/advocates for the business.

Always Be Purposeful

      • Be intentional versus reactive when making decisions.
      • Think of how executive decisions will impact the company at all levels and what the trickle-down effect may be.

The Hybrid Model is the Future

      • Employees need flexibility and options in this new normal.
      • Establishing a hybrid model will benefit employees and businesses as a whole, allowing for greater strategic and purposeful initiatives.