Direct Agents Opens a New West Coast Office

Direct Agents continues to grow its West Coast team with the addition of a brand new office space just outside of Los Angeles. Located in downtown Culver City, the office has beautiful California views and is steps away from restaurants and cafes.

Sara Martinez-Noriega, Vice President of Human Resources, spearheaded the LA office search. It was important to find a space that provided our LA team with community, camaraderie, and growth opportunities. “It was perfect when we found an office whose colorful and energetic vibes matched ours at Direct Agents. We’re beyond excited to welcome our current and future team members to One Culver!” The office space will allow the agency to maintain our vibrant culture and provide well-deserved perks.

From coffee and espresso machines for afternoon pick-me-ups to a fridge stocked with kombucha, seltzer, cold brew, and tea, the office is fully equipped to help energize the team. In addition to the Direct Agents office perks, the WeWork office also hosts exciting events like cold press juice and wine tastings.

Hybrid and In-Person Collaboration

After over a year of remote work for the West Coast team, Joe Belafonte, Vice President of Data & Analytics, emphasizes the significance of the office space as the world begins to open back up following the pandemic. “There is no substitute for in-person collaboration. Since emerging from nearly 15 months of remote work, there has been an unequivocal wave of innovation, collaboration, and team building that has everyone looking ahead to the future of Direct Agents and all the great things we’ll be able to achieve together,” said Joe. In-person work has been a welcome change of pace after months of working from home and has helped employees adjust to the new normal.

As the team continues to grow in this post-COVID landscape, in-person collaboration and facetime are more important than ever. “The flexibility of the new hybrid world will be appreciated by many and having an office is a huge benefit as it allows our teams to work together again, onboard in person, spark new ideas, and further build camaraderie and team culture,” notes Daniel Owen, EVP. Studies show that face-to-face interaction helps mental health and has been an important factor in maintaining positive employee morale across the board.

With a new office space fit for the growing team, Direct Agents will be able to scale even more in 2021 and beyond! Interested in joining our team? Check out our current openings and apply here: