We at Direct Agents are proud to announce that we’re a finalist in the Digiday Worklife Awards in the category  ‘Most Dedicated to Employee Wellness!’ The Digiday Worklife Awards annually recognizes media and marketing’s top employers and the values that make them unique.

We have always focused on making employee wellness a priority. Within the past year, we created a holistic wellness program, “Direct Agents (DA) Your Way: A four-pillar approach to what it means to live well.” 

The ‘DA Your Way’ initiative seeks to highlight resources and monthly programming around physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and financial wellness. Some of the specific initiatives include team fitness classes and a nutrition focus to support physical health, counseling resources, meditation sessions to improve mental health, and onsite financial seminars run by vendors to provide insight into financial wellness. One of the most gratifying results of ‘DA Your Way’ has been a 90% employee retention rate, and a 95% favorability score for “my manager genuinely cares about my wellbeing” as reported from an internal employee survey.

“It is an honor to be a finalist in the Digiday WorkLife awards,” says Dinesh Boaz, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Direct Agents. “We pride ourselves on providing the resources needed for emotional, mental, and physical health in the workplace. We know that the company is a true extension of who we are as people, and we feel most successful when our employees are thriving in our workplace’.”

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