Revolutionizing an Apparel Brand’s Amazon Strategy through AI-Driven Technology

Unveiling the Amazon Landscape

Our Business Intelligence team spearheaded an innovative approach utilizing AI-driven technology to revolutionize the industry as the first-ever Amazon share of voice (SOV) technology. By continuously monitoring Amazon searches, collecting data on brand appearances, and distinguishing between paid and organic results, Direct Agents provided Carhartt with a comprehensive view of the Amazon landscape, enabling them to monitor competitor presence and their own Amazon profiles.

Maximizing Keyword Efficiency

While uncovering maximum SOV, Direct Agents discovered glitches within the AMS system that hindered keyword visibility, leading the team to engineer solutions that ensured Carhartt’s keywords consistently appeared. This near real-time feedback allowed for precise bidding adjustments and performance optimization. Direct Agents discovered that many keywords were being bid too high, leading to suboptimal performance despite recommended Amazon bids.

Maximizing ROI

Month over month CPC’s decreased by 41% without losing SOV and the additional budget gained by having lower CPC’s allowed us to capture much more traffic and sales. The impact was staggering—clicks to Carhartt products surged by 60%, triggering a remarkable 99% increase in sales. The lower CPCs led to a significant improvement of 109% in ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale). Through Direct Agents’ solution, Carhartt achieved an exceptional 90%+ SOV, gaining absolute control over their brand space on Amazon. This dominance proved invaluable during crucial periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with minimal competition encroaching on Carhartt’s success.


in CPCs


surge in clicks


increase in sales


increase in SOV