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Engage & Acquire Gen-Z audiences around the world

As a leading TikTok agency, we offer a full-service solution including Content Production, TikTok Ads, and Hashtag Challenges

After watching a TikTok Video 69% of users shared the video to a friend and 34% searched for the item in the video.

Engaging and interactive formats for your brand story

We develop unique engagement solutions and select immersive ad formats to creatively and authentically connect with your audiences around the world.

In- Feed Native Video:

Tell your brand’s story with immersive video experiences within the homepage “For You” feed.

Brand Takeover:

Increase brand awareness and maximize your ad’s impact with a full-screen takeover—the first interaction users have in app.

TopView Takeover:

TopView showcases your brand immediately when users open TikTok to reach and engage audiences in a visually impactful way.

Hashtag Challenge:

Tap into TikTok’s audience’s natural tendency to create & share their own content by inviting them to follow a prompt and film themselves participating in the “Challenge”.


TikTok Ads.

With access to TikTok’s ads platform, our TikTok team is able to quickly setup and create high converting campaigns. We have direct access to TikTok’s brand managers, for strategic consultation, troubleshooting and best practices.

TikTok Creatives.

Our team starts with a deep dive analysis of your brand to understand your goals, KPI’s and objectives. From there we select the best ad format for you, and develop a robust, native creative strategy. We offer video production, copywriting, audience development and creative campaign concepts.

Hashtag Challenges.

TikTok is all about users participating in challenges. Early adopter brands have leveraged the hashtag challenge to generate massive participation and brand exposure. Even major celebrities have joined in organically.

We handle all aspects of launching and managing a successful hashtag challenge. Services include ideation, original audio development, talent sourcing & partnerships, influencer relationship management, content production, and off-platform amplification.

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