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Our strategy and consulting services help brands roadmap for growth.

We evaluate business objectives, timelines, resources, and limitations to craft the optimal plan for success. Whether our clients are launching a new brand/product, or looking to grow or shift an established business, we provide the strategic insight that best addresses their most difficult challenges.

Audience Development

We leverage AI and Machine Learning technology to establish high-value audience segments and powerful consumer insights.

We identify key characteristics and develop comprehensive audience personas, detailing their media consumption habits, shopping behavior, core interests, lifestyles, and many other factors that persuade them to buy. Our clients use this data to inform product, investment, and marketing decisions.

Business Intelligence

We develop a customized data strategy that drives incremental growth and profitability.

By using our predictive models and applying leanings, our clients see sales increase as high as 20%. We build interactive dashboards that provide views and information for stakeholders at various levels of the organization, improving data transparency and decision making speed. Our BI process is aimed at uncovering areas of inefficiency, opportunity, and optimization that have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding what other brands are doing, both tactically and strategically, is vital to gaining a competitive advantage.

Through a mix of industry-leading and proprietary tools, we aim to provide exhaustive insights into where competitors find success, and the primary factors driving their growth. Our analyses outline areas of opportunity, underserved audiences, potential partnerships, and general competitor strategy.

Media Audits

Media account audits provide our clients with insights into inefficiencies and outline opportunities for improvement & scale.

With extensive experience in performance media, our team evaluates account settings and tactics against best practices and our internal playbooks. We deliver a comprehensive analysis of all findings, our recommendations, and an actionable plan for account optimization.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analysis gives brands a distinct competitive edge in making strategic marketing decisions while increasing efficiency, revenue, and profitability at scale.

We start by fully ingraining ourselves with our clients’ business goals and data ecosystem. Our Business Intelligence team develops a custom-tailored predictive analysis strategy to meet and exceed those goals. We leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to ingest and process your data, generating actionable outputs that guide product and marketing strategy.

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