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Our Marketing Data Intelligence Strategy

Our data team is comprised of innovators who are on the cutting edge with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the engineering of custom data and business intelligence solutions that elevate brands above their competition.

With a primary mission of providing meaningful data solutions and insights, we work hand-in-hand with brands to identify and solve their unique data needs, while simplifying the complexities so they can quickly experience the benefits of a truly data-first strategy.

Staffing Augmentation

Quickly expand team resources with a seamless integration of data and analytics experts.

Google Analytics 4

GA4 tracking plan development, implementation, and Universal Analytics migrations that provide the actionable data and insights needed to power your business

Google Tag Manager

Advanced dataLayer design, consultation, and container management, reduces developer cost while speeding up deployment of new and custom tracking elements.

Media Mix Modeling

Taking the guesswork out of media planning. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms use actual brand data to determine optimal budget allocations. Complete with forecasted performance projections and “what if” scenario planning.

Cookieless Martech Design

Comprehensive assessment of your martech and data ecosystems to ensure maximum data potential while protecting it from increasing privacy regulations.

Business Intelligence

Automated reporting solutions customized to your specific needs. Access your data at any time, in a design format that is intuitive and easy to understand for all stakeholders.

Kanopy AI

Increase scale and efficiency like never before by enhancing native platform bidders with advanced algorithms that are optimizing, learning, and predicting every hour of the day.

Amazon Competitive Intelligence

Access paid and organic share-of-voice data to answer fundamental questions of what it costs to dominate specific keywords & categories using data that no one else has. All while providing real-time visibility into the competition’s reaction.

Amazon Data Driven SEO

The most complete view of Amazon performance in the market that joins vendor/seller central, organic ranking, and product detail page monitoring to quantify and project the impact of SEO optimizations.
Custom Development: When out-of-the-box solutions are cost-prohibitive or non-existent, we are here to build the tech needed to drive your business forward.

Custom Development

When out-of-the-box solutions are cost-prohibitive or non-existent, we are here to build the tech needed to drive your business forward.

Proprietary Technology That Drives Growth

Direct Agents uses highly focused proprietary technologies that accelerate both growth and efficiency metrics for brands, ensuring a competitive advantage within the increasingly crowded digital space.

Game-Changing Bidding Technology

Our Kanopy AI technology consistently brings down Google ads CPAs by 30% while increasing sales volume. Learn more about how Kanopy AI can generate more efficient performance in our whitepaper. 

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