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Industry-Leading Marketing Analytics & Technology

Making Your Data Work

Our CONVERGENCE AI Ecosystem Makes Data Actionable

Data paralysis is real. The amount of data being collected by brands today can easily overwhelm the most sophisticated marketing teams. CONVERGENCE AI enables brands to distill and activate marketing insights at scale.


CONVERGENCE AI fully automates the ingestion of all your data sources while leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze, identify, and activate the insights needed to drive brand growth at scale.

Proprietary Turn-Key Tech To Accelerate Growth

& AI Ecosystem

200+ Data Integrations

Machine Learning Modeling

Campaign Creation

Budget Management

Media Bidding

Keyword Discovery

Creative Activation

Personalized User Experiences

3rd Party Data Layering

Real-Time Data & Reporting

Market Leading
Amazon Ecosystem

Organic Rankings

Paid Share of Voice

Bidding Technology

Keyword Discovery

Campaign Management

Competitive Monitoring

Product Reviews & Ratings

Consumer Pulse

Vendor Central + AMS Data Blending

Media Mix

Factor Scoring

Machine Learning Processing

Optimized Media Mix

Predictive Forecasting

What-If Scenario Planning

Interactive Model Interface


Crawl Competitor Sites

Record Email Promotions

Track Price Changes

Consumer Reviews/Sentiment

Monitor Marketplaces

Impact Analysis

Brand Protection

Our Data & Technology Strategy

Our data team is comprised of challengers and innovators who are on the cutting edge with artificial intelligence and machine learning, development of proprietary technology, and the engineering of custom data and business intelligence solutions that elevate brands above their competition.

With a core focus of providing meaningful data solutions and insights, we work hand-in-hand with brands to identify and solve their unique data needs, while simplifying the complexities so they can quickly experience the benefits of a truly data-first strategy.

Overall Data Strategy

We take a systematic approach in developing customized data and measurement ecosystems while providing the actionable insights needed to set you apart from the competition.

Data Automation & AI Systems

We build data pipelines that intelligently extract, process, and activate data to maximize your growth potential.

Martech Assessment & Design

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your martech and data ecosystems to ensure you are enabling the full potential of your valuable data while protecting it from increasing privacy regulations.

Predictive Machine Learning

While most brands are reactive, we take a proactive approach to data by building customized models that predict future outcomes and guide brand strategy.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

People convert, not groups. We analyze user-level behavior to distill actionable and targetable user insights that drive media messaging and creative strategies.

Competitor Monitoring

We create AI and data solutions that turn competitor sites into data sources used for analysis, modeling, and AI-powered brand protection.

Custom Tech Development

When out-of-the-box solutions are cost-prohibitive or non-existent, we are here to build the tech needed to drive your business forward.

Cloud-Based Reporting

Automated reporting solutions customized to your specific needs. Access your data at any time, in a design format that is intuitive and easy to understand for all stakeholders.

Google Analytics

We provide an in-depth audit of your data quality, scope, settings, and code to ensure you are obtaining an accurate and complete view of your site traffic.

Google Tag Manager

We provide expert-level dataLayer design, consultation, and container management. Reducing developer cost and speeding up the time to deployment for new and custom tracking elements.

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