Case Study: Demand & Marketing Strategy


Custom Strategies for Retail Success

Enhancing Product Visibility and Conversions

We designed new creatives that showcased the products as heroes, striking the right balance between functionality and creativity. Direct Agents then implemented a tailored strategy for each retailer, optimizing to their unique value propositions, demographics, and product demand. Across Amazon, we prioritized Belkin’s latest at-home productivity offerings through Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands (Video + Static), and leveraged new beta features in Sponsored Display. This allowed us to conquer competitor detail pages while safeguarding Belkin’s own listings. Through strategic utilization of Branded Search and Social Media, we protected and expanded Belkin’s market share, introducing new hero products to both existing and new audiences.

Leveraging Tech Integrations

Our marketing strategy focused on making it effortless for consumers to purchase Belkin products online or in-store at their preferred retailers. Leveraging advanced tech integrations, we gained visibility into retailer acquisition costs, enabling real-time shifts in our paid investments to optimize campaigns for maximum return on investment.


Consecutive months of YoY growth on Amazon


Revenue Increase

Increase in YoY revenue across D2C storefront


ER Increase

Increase in engagement rates from new creatives