Necessity is the mother of invention. At Direct Agents, we have been hard at work developing solutions and thought leadership to help brands thrive during the world’s continued digital acceleration.

Konami AI TM

While Google, Facebook, and Amazon hold all the data and have superb bidding algorithms, the result is that nearly every brand uses these strategies. And with nearly every brand using the same bidding strategies, it becomes almost impossible to separate from the pack.

For this reason, Direct Agents has developed a new way of bidding called Konami AITM. This innovative AI bidding technology sits on top of each platform’s native bidding algorithms and continually tests, learns, and tunes algorithm inputs in real-time: increasing media efficiency while creating scaling opportunities. 

RX Modeling Suite TM

2020 was a challenging year to plan for due to ever-changing economic conditions, and we are expecting similar conditions for 2021 as vaccines continued to roll-out and the world begins its “new normal.” 

Fortunately, Direct Agents has been developing and tuning its RX Modeling SuiteTM. This advanced modeling suite uses actual brand data to prescribe a statistically backed solution to the common problem of not knowing how to budget, project, and measure the success of media plans.

Media Mix Modeling (MMM): Processes over 1,000 scenarios to determine the optimal budget distribution to maximize performance potential. 

Forecast Modeling: Enable forwarded-looking media strategies by knowing precisely where performance peaks and valleys will be.

Lift Measurement: Proprietary InertiaTM metric, measures the compounding and residual impact of upper-funnel media strategies while quantifying the down-funnel impact.

GA4 Upgrade

GA4 has officially overtaken Universal Analytics (UA) as the new default property type for Google Analytics. With new systems of measurement and predictive insights, GA4 is primed to open up many new opportunities for how brands may leverage their Google Analytics data.

However, an often-overlooked part of what was mentioned above is that GA4 is a new property type, therefore data will only go as far back as the time the property was activated. This means that historical UA data will not be available with GA4. 

To minimize the impact of having disconnected historical data, Direct Agents recommends that brands enable GA4 as soon as possible while continuing to run UA in parallel. This strategy will allow for brands to continue to use UA data while GA4 builds a historical repository.

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iOS14: A Guide to Apple’s New Measurement API

As digital data privacy practices continue to ramp up, it has become a minefield for marketers to navigate. For app-based marketers, the iOS14 data privacy update (expected release: early Spring 2021) is going to further add to these media and measurement complexities.”

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