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YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular search engine and the 3rd largest site on the Internet, and consumers today spend over 5.5 hours each day watching videos. As video consumption continues to rise, Direct Agents leverages YouTube advertising not only to generate brand awareness and engagement, but also to drive direct response, app installs and shopping ads.

The Benefits of YouTube Advertising

Watch our YouTube expert and our Senior Account Manager explain the features and strategies to implement for a successful YouTube campaign.

Remarketing on Display

By compiling a list of people who had previously interacted with your channel and/or videos, we will identify consumers who had been exposed to your brand and will reinforce your messaging to drive higher ROI.

Precise Segmentation

Our sophisticated team of analysts will determine the highest performing types of platforms, target audiences, keywords and devices that your prospective customers will most likely utilize in order to enable the most engagement from your ads.

Custom Affinity Audience

Understanding the quality and intent of user traffic has become ever more important. With our approach to segmentation, we are able to provide detailed business insights into user behavior, demographic, and technology buckets.

CTA Overlays, Website Cards and Annotations

With custom affinity audience, we can help you reach your targeted consumers by creating a custom list based on your consumers’ passions, wants and needs. By adding specific URLs of websites your potential audience would visit, we can target a specific type of audience who consume content similar to that of the site.

Mobile App Installs

“TrueView for mobile app promotion” campaigns enable advertisers to create an ad that is linked to the App Store for your app, so users can install your app directly from your video ad running on YouTube mobile and tablet apps. They won’t run on desktop the YouTube mobile website, or on partner video sites on the Display Network. We will utilize app installs to most efficiently promote your videos in driving direct response results for your campaigns.

TrueView for Shopping Ads

We leverage TrueView for Shopping campaigns to serve product listing ads alongside your in-stream video ads. Placing PLA (Product Listing Ads) directly on the ad itself allows brands to showcase specific product pages to their targeted consumers, which not only enhances brand awareness, but also significantly upsurges the conversion rate.

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