• Dec 29, 16
  • admin

My name is Brendan Strauss. I was an intern here for quite a while, and I was given an opportunity to really apply myself not at the intern level, but beyond that. My initial interview, I was asked what I know about the search side of advertising and SEO, and I was able to say one thing, I knew what SEO stood for. Really, it was a steep learning curve, but everything I've learned has been here. Once I really got SEO down pat, I was given the opportunity to learn the other side, which is paid search. Since then, it's kind of been a hybrid role in some sorts, but now it's more of a focus on the paid search side. It's not just about SEO, it's not just about PPC.

I'm constantly talking with programmatic and social. It was nice having client communication. That being said, the first few client calls were a little daunting. I feel like I have at least, maybe not a whole foot in each department, but at least a toe.

Being able to depend on others, depend on the team to really help me do the best I can was the biggest change. Seeing kind of the bigger picture, and then seeing the bigger picture just age and see why is probably one of the best things.

One major moment for me was for last year's holiday party I won the Top Entrepreneur Award, which came with this really big trophy and a really nice bottle of whiskey. When they presented me the trophy, I think they were kind of joking, but they asked for a speech, and I actually did. I didn't really talk about myself at all, I talked about us, I talked about others. It just really instilled that idea that it's not just about one person, you can only do so much, it's about the overall team.