• Dec 29, 16
  • admin

I'm Regina Hong and I'm the Marketing Manager here at Direct Agents. Studying in New York City allowed me to have a tremendous amount of different opportunities, but my final internship was here at Direct Agents as a Marketing and Social Media intern. I was able to try so many different things from speaking engagements to events to pitching to reporters.

Getting my feet wet in different projects provided me with a responsibility that I never had expected as an intern. That is what helped me progress from a marketing intern to a coordinator and now to a manager that leads a team of four very passionate digital marketers.

The first event I ever hosted with Direct Agents was in April of 2015 and it was actually at a Google office. When I started planning the event together with a colleague it was a bit chaotic, but it ended up being a really great event and we actually ended up securing a few clients from that event. Now that we've opened a new office in L.A., we were hosting our first event in L.A. ever. We've already secured over 100 RSVP's within three weeks.

I remember for April Fool's, I walked into the office at 9:30 in the morning and I saw small little rubber duckies everywhere. We ended up having a rubber ducky war in the middle of the office. I love how you can just talk to everyone here and I'll probably become friends with everyone because everyone's so down-to-earth.