• Jul 29, 16
  • Direct Agents

With all the buzz around Snapchat, we’ve decided this would be a great platform for us to engage with our client community, giving them an inside look at Direct Agents. We will be regularly posting exclusive snapchats, revealing our latest events, works, and any other updates about the industry. Regularly attending and hosting events, this will allow our followers to be exposed to all aspects of digital marketing.

As Snapchat is slowly becoming more accessible to advertisers, Direct Agents is offering Snapchat Advertising as a service to our clients. With a count of over 150 million viewers logging on each day, there are immense opportunities for our clients to grow their customer base. With strategic planning behind Snapchat stories and an integration of exclusive offers to Snapchat followers, this is an opportunity for our clients to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.


Here are some benefits of Snapchat Advertising:

  • 100M+ Daily Active Users are on Snapchat
  • More than 60% of US 13 - 34 year old smartphone users are Snapchatters
  • Average user spends 25 - 30 minutes a day on the platform
  • 10 Billion+ Daily Video Views every day on Snapchat                                                     

To add us, simply open up your Snapchat app and hold down on your screen while pointing it at the image below. We’ll see you there!



To learn more about Snapchat Advertising, please contact marketing@directagents.com

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Source: Snapchat Media