• Mar 02, 17
  • Direct Agents

Facebook has been testing in-stream video ads within its ad network since May 2016, and after much success, it is now making in-stream video ads available to all Audience Network publishers that meet their specific guidelines. In-stream video ads automatically play with sound on and users are not allowed to skip if it’s shorter than 30 seconds,which is a great way to get the attention of an advertiser's target audience.

Facebook also recently announced its new in-stream feature that allows certain Pages and Profiles to insert mid-roll video ads within their Facebook Live broadcasts. Previously, ads in Facebook Live videos did not exist. 

Only certain advertisers will receive the benefit. Pages and Profiles in the US that have at least 2,000 followers and brought in at least 300 concurrent viewers to a Facebook Live broadcast within the past month will be eligible to insert mid-roll ads in their live streams.

So what is in-stream video advertising? 

Video in-stream ads are commercials that appear before, during or after internet videos. They typically last anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds. 

In-stream videos offer another opportunity to reach audiences by allowing advertisers to insert short video ads into native videos on Facebook. Because in-stream video targeting is audience-based, viewers will see ads that relate to their interests.

What can marketers gain from the use of in-stream video Advertising? 

  • Target Audience: In the world of multi-channel consumers, video advertising plays an integral role in capturing the right audience. In-stream video is audience-based, which means the ad will relate to the viewers video. Facebook has made it so all targeting options are supported by in-stream ads and advertisers can use Facebook's exclusion controls to avoid delivery within content, sites and apps that may not align with their brand mission.
  • Increased Outcomes: Studies have shown that video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139% 
  • Better Response: Studies show that younger users tend to respond to video much better than banner ads or copy-heavy ads.  

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