• Dec 01, 16
  • Direct Agents

While writing this Silicon Beach series in the past few months, we’ve seen tremendous growth in popularity and a significant increase of news features of Silicon Beach. Los Angeles is now known as the third-most-prominent location for startups in the U.S. with San Francisco being the first and New York as second. CEOs are realizing that they don’t need to raise as much money during funding to establish themselves in the Los Angeles area compared to the other two leading locations, so there has been an upscale of well-known companies in the Silicon Beach area.

With Los Angeles being an attractive location for employees to move to, recruiting top-talent isn’t a difficult task for companies looking to expand in Silicon Beach. The upcoming area provides a better work-life balance and laid back atmosphere compared to other locations, such as San Francisco or New York.

Recent moves to the Silicon Beach area have been made by Credit Karma that has expanded from SF and Comcast Ventures, a new business unit of Comcast. Our office in Los Angeles is also expanding, with current openings for SEM Analysts. 

If you’re interested in working for us or with us on the west coast, please contact us at hello@directagents.com

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