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Tune in Wednesday, June 17th
1:30 EST / 10:30 PST

Join us for our second virtual summit on June 17th as we navigate the current state of digital marketing.

This virtual summit will discuss how COVID-19 is affecting marketers and businesses. Industry leaders will participate in fireside chats covering topics such as the Future of Fashion, Amazon and Ecommerce and how businesses should be planning their reopening.

Kristin DiCunzolo

VP Marketing & eCommerce


VP of Marketing

James Ha

VP of Marketing & Communications
Master & Dynamic

Kristin Fallon

Head of Content and Storytelling
GE Healthcare

Christy Hayes

Director of Global Marketing
Belkin International

Chieh Huang

Chief Executive Officer


Direct Agents

Josh BoaZ

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Direct Agents


Direct Agents


Creative Director & Co-Founder
Direct Agents

Brittany lange

Director of Client Services
Direct Agents

1:30 — Opening Remarks + Macro Implications / Predictions

Chieh Huang, CEO at Boxed, and Josh Boaz, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Direct Agents

Josh and Chieh will kick our summit off with opening remarks and the macro implications of COVID. This will cover the impact on industries, historical precedents, predicted recovery & outcomes.

2:00 — Current State of Amazon and Ecommerce

James Ha, VP of Marketing & Communications at Master and Dynamic, Christy Hayes, Director of Global Marketing at Belkin International, Daniel Owen, EVP of Direct Agents, Megan Conahan, EVP of Direct Agents

The ecommerce landscape is changing rapidly. This session will talk with industry leaders on current ecommerce trends, new Amazon policies put into place, and what all Ecommerce brand marketers should be implementing.

2:30 — The Future of Fashion

Kristin M. DiCunzolo, Vice President Marketing & eCommerce at Wacoal, Meagen​ Johnson, VP of Marketing at Jane, Megan Conahan EVP at Direct Agents, Brittany Lange, Director of Client Services at Direct Agents

Retail may never be the same. This session will discuss current trends in the space, how retailers are adapting to digital first with brick and mortars being closed, and what the next few months look like from curbside pickup to increasing digital presence.

3:00 — Shaping the Future of Storytelling

Kristin Fallon, Head of Content and Storytelling at GE Healthcare, Dinesh Boaz, Creative Director / Co-Founder of Direct Agents

These days, brands should be approaching storytelling and creative with a critical eye. The same creatives you were using three weeks ago, may no longer work today. It’s important for brands to continue to market, but make sure updated creative best practices are in place.

Register Today

Tune in WEDNEsday, June 17th
1:30 EST / 10:30 PST
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