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Keep It F.R.E.S.H. – 2019 SEO Blogging Guide

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are consistently practicing good SEO habits and you know a thing or two about it. I’m also going to assume that you ended up here based on one of the following circumstances:

1. You got lost in the dark, netherworld of the internet in the wee hours of the morning, searching for “5 Tips to Fabulous Hair” but somehow ended up here.


2.You had the latest Supreme drop* in your cart and as you were about to pay, your boss walks in. In sheer seconds, you managed to open a new tab, search for something really smart (and seemingly work related) and somehow ended up here.
*Unfortunately, the Supreme drops are long-gone as they completely sold out in less than 10 seconds. Typical.


3. You understand that blogs are a core component of an SEO campaign and want to know how to deliver better content that’s relevant to your brand.
Whatever the reason, welcome, I’m so glad you’re here today.


Let’s start by answering the question – Should blogs still be a core focus in SEO??


Short answer – YES.


But does that mean writing blogs and pumping them out constantly like Kanye does with Yeezy’s will land you at the top of Google SERP?

Let me explain.


Like everything in life, there are many roads present in the world of SEO. In order to reach your desired destination, you have to know which roads to travel. As a result, it’s helpful for you to have a “WeStErOs Map” (see what I did there?) that can help you in your journey.


If you Google, “Are blogs important in 2019?” you will get numerous posts that do a great job explaining how blogs help with SEO. Are they all going to be relevant to your needs? Probably not, however, understanding and pursuing relevancy is going to allow you to create content that is informative, applicable and digestible (being fun doesn’t hurt either).


In this blog, we will discuss the steps that you can take in order to offer better blogs to your visitors with focus on SEO relevancy. Let’s get started.


Blog Requirements for 2019:

  1. Aim For Quality, Not Quantity (ok, quantity actually does matter but let’s take it slow)
  2. Keep It F.R.E.S.H
  3. Internal Linking For You & You & You & You (The Oprah Effect)
  4. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Google)


No, Really – Aim For Quality, Not Quantity

It’s as easy and straightforward as it’s written, pumping out blogs will not automatically shoot you to the top of the 1st page in search results, let alone show up in Google. Writing blogs will help you build more content and could (possibly) make it easier for people to find you online. Or in SEO terms:


More blogs / content = more pages Google can index


Remember what we said before about relevance and blogs needing to be informative, applicable and digestible?



-Don’t write for the sake of writing. Remember, you are using blogs to create content to attract the people who search on Google for information to your site.

-Realize that visitors end up on your page with specific intent and it’s your job to make them stay. Serve their needs by providing information they came to read.

-Statistically, it is stated that visitors read only 20% of your web page. The reason for this is because viewers scan through a page in order to find the answers they want quickly. In other words, make sure the right information is readily available.



-With millions of sources for information, you need to make your content stand out by providing information that actually applies to the visitor (ex: If Eugene lands on your page in search of the best cheesecake in NYC, he wants to know where he can find the best cheesecake. If your page is about how to make the best cheesecake, Eugene will likely leave).

-Use target keywords & long-tailed keywords when writing your blogs in order to pinpoint and connect the specific audience you have in mind.



-Much like cheesecake, your content needs to be easy to digest. You can accomplish this by making it easy to read and navigate. This may sound easy, but once you start writing, you may end up with a wordy page (remember the “scanner people”).

-Visuals (pictures, graphs, charts, etc.), lists, and subheadings make it easy for visitors to read and absorb the content when they land on your page.


We humans have become so impatient and judgmental that if a page we landed on isn’t clear, informative, or just straight up interesting, we’ll get up and leave like Dave Chappelle did for Season 3. There’s a thing known as dwell time and you want to remember the rule of 2-2-15. To sum it up, creating content that is actually worthwhile will have people staying on your site for 15 minutes rather than 2 minutes or 2 seconds.

Keep It F.R.E.S.H

Unless you’re a popular kid (and by that, I mean your site), you better have great content to drive sessions – consistently.


Let me break this down.


You did a great job writing that first piece (or a following piece that is gaining attention if you already have an established blog). You put in the blood, sweat and tears and you’re seeing great results. But guess what? Now you have an audience that is expecting great content from you. They liked what they read so now it’s expected that you will always deliver.


This may seem like a lot of pressure, but there is good news here.


For one, you have created a connection with your audience. Secondly, you have established yourself as a legitimate source. This is what content marketing is all about. Your future blog posts need to be (or at the very least, try to be) as good your best performing post. Don’t go copy-pasting content from the other sites. Do your research & analysis to present new ideas. In other words:


Keep it F.R.E.S.H.

F – Find

R – Relevant

E – Enriching

S – Stuff

H – Homie


Through your blogs, you can connect with your audience AND provide an avenue for them to engage with you. Write content that people find enticing. However, if one particular blog is driving all your traffic, keep a close eye on it.


Manage it, cherish it, shower it with all your love and affection, but always be ready – because it could turn on you.


What you wrote about in the past may become irrelevant or outdated. If this happens, you are going to need to follow up and edit your blog with the most up-to-date info. Otherwise, that once gem of a blog could take a nosedive in rankings. For example:


Zayn Malik left the band in 2015. If your One Direction page is still talking about the time when they used to be the 5 piece nuggets, it’s highly possible that you might get chastised for spreading false hope…or for bringing up painful memories.


Its hard work keeping your content and blogs fresh but trust me, all the hard work will not be forgotten. Creating meaningful content can help in multiple ways:

  • Earning Visitor Trust – Creating a content hub and providing valuable information to readers can boost trustworthiness. In the long run, you could be deemed as a reliable source. When your blog is informative, creative, and useful, you’re increasing the likelihood of repeat visits / viewer retention. It’s all about relevancy and search intent (more on this later).
  • Gaining Social Shares – When something is good, people want to share it. Gaining social shares allows you to reach more people, which could potentially increase referral traffic to your blog and the rest of your site as well.
  • Expanding Reach –By answering common questions and becoming a reliable source for your products / services, you are establishing yourself as an industry leader. Blogs allow you to expand your reach in your business sector, helping you reach the “top of the funnel users” in the initial stages of research. Use your content and blogs to tie in your products/services to further market your brand.


Creating F.R.E.S.H. content opens up doors for you to draw in the good crowd and could possibly even generate organic backlinks to your site. Which brings us to the next point.

Internal Linking For You & You & You & You (The Oprah Effect)

Back in the day (a.k.a. a few years ago), people were obsessed with earning backlinks. Since Google loved backlinks, everyone started “earning” backlinks using seedy SEO practices (ex. backlink farming, backlink selling & buying, spamming etc.) Google, being Google, caught on, corrected the situation and started penalizing these black hat techniques.  


While backlinks are still play a huge role in cementing positive authority, it takes time and effort for you to earn backlinks naturally. So instead of being so hung up on getting backlinks, be more productive with your efforts and create good, organic content.


Without quality content, you could send out 2,000 emails begging for backlinks, get none in return, stuff your face with 3 pints of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s, and wallow in your rejection. Instead, consider internal linking and put down that ice cream.


Internal links are a great way of providing natural navigation on a site while retaining visitors. It promotes keyword targeting on pages which in turn, creates relevance to your products / services, helping with visibility in search results. In simple terms, use internal links as guiding arrows that point visitors to the right pages in your domain with relevant information.


We at Direct Agents offer various SEO strategies that can help your business, including internal linking strategies, blog management & content creation. What makes us unique is that we are not a cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions provider – we generate tailored fit strategies that are right for your business needs.


Create relevant content, point visitors in the right direction, and trust the process.

Knowing Me, Knowing You (Google)

Before moving on, click here. Let it run in the background. Thank me later.


At the end of the day, Google’s Search Engines are based on algorithms and there are many additional factors that affect how you rank. It’s well known that Google updates their algorithms as frequently as Marvel comes out with a new movie. You need to stay on top of these things (the Google stuff, and Marvel if you’re a fan). You don’t have to know all the updates and technical changes, but should stay up to date with at least the critical ones.


In addition to following our SEO blog guidelines, make sure you are covering the fundamentals. It may seem like common knowledge but you’ll be surprised at how many sites still don’t follow through with SEO 101. This includes the basics like:

– Including targeting within title tags, descriptions, H1/H2 etc.

– Correcting duplicate content

– Ensuring a strong technical standing – including quick site speed

– Staying current on Google’s Best Practices

– Avoiding Black Hat SEO practices


At the end of the day, you’re playing on Google’s turf. As long as you stick to the rules, play fair and be proactive, you’ll be in good shape. You never know, Google may even reward you with a Quick Answer Box or Display Box for top video results (if you have an appropriate video content that is). Earning these coveted spots will naturally drive more traffic to your site, which could lead to possible CVR opportunities, which could lead to revenue opportunities, which could…you get the idea.


We’re here to help

As the great Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn) from Dodgeball once said,

“Hi. I’m Peter La Fleur, owner and operator of Average Joe’s Gym. I’m here to tell you you’re perfect just the way you are. But if you feel like losin’ a few pounds, gettin’ healthier, and makin’ friends in the process, Joe’s is the place for you.”


The fact that you have read this far proves that you are taking initiative and being proactive. There are many great guides and suggestions available on Google that can help you, especially this one (we’re a little biased).


However, if you need help from some really smart and friendly people, Direct Agents is one stop shop. As mentioned before, we offer various SEO strategies and services including content/blog management. Contact our SEO and Content Team at to learn more about how we can help or even to just say hi!

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