Join Direct Agents and Brightedge for an SEO webinar on October 25th at 3 PM EST. We’ll be discussing the tangibility of voice search for digital marketers!

We can all agree that we’ve seen and heard enough “voice search is the future” to get the point. In the last year, 20% of mobile queries were performed via voice search. However, with all this buzz surrounding the topic, most brands are still in the dark about how to capitalize on the growing trend. There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel; utilizing existing content marketing campaigns, semantic search research, and even optimized Amazon Prime and Google Express stores, brands can start to build their visibility for voice search which will yield continued dividends down the line.


Date: Wednesday, October 25th

Time: 3 PM EST


Jonny Waite, Direct Agents, Director of SEO

Rachelle Medina, Brightedge, Customer Success Agency Partnerships

Key Takeaways

  • How to identify Voice Search Opportunities
  • What site structure and protocols are required on your site
  • Quick answer and voice search visibility at the same time with the right content
  • Why Amazon SEO is so important to voice search
  • How Voice Search can help a business win traffic and conversions