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The Future of Enterprise Chatbots

Interacting with the World Wide Web in the 21st century often entails interacting with a customer service representative in the form of a chat bubble- but are these real people?

In most cases, users are actually interacting with an enterprise chatbot, AI’s who mimic human interaction. As chatbot development becomes more technologically advanced with the integration of AI capabilities, it’s no wonder that the line between humanity and robotic intelligence is quickly blurring. So what exactly is a chatbot and why should you care?


Chatbots have been around for some time, but developers have made astonishing progress in regards to their capabilities in the last several years. Chatbots, short for “chat robots”, are complex computer programs designed to interact with users and perform various functions ranging from simple conversations to more complicated functions like customer support. Since chatbots are designed to imitate real humans, designers often create them to pass intelligence tests, like the Turing test. It requires that a human be unable to differentiate between the machine and another human being via the machine’s questions and answers.


Now that you know what a chatbot is, it’s time to delve into the nitty gritty of it all – how does a chatbot work? The basis for each chatbot program is its database, where information is stored. The larger and more detailed its database, the more knowledgeable the chatbot is. When you ask a chatbot a question, you are sending a request to the database and the bot pulls the response from the database to answer your question. The sophistication of chatbot technology, such as pattern recognition, enables chatbots to become more adept at imitating human interaction. With this program, chatbots are able to store new questions and answers into their database. In other words, the more you converse with a chatbot, the smarter they’ll become at answering your questions and understanding what you’re asking.


You must be thinking that chatbots are kind of cool, but will they still be relevant in the coming years? Boldly put, chatbots are the future of online user experience and search. As mobile users and the popularity of messenger apps continues to rise, chatbots are a key, complementary enhancement, improving areas such as user engagement and customer relations.


Not convinced yet? Here are the benefits of chatbot integration into your digital marketing tactics:


  • Saving Money: Enterprise Chatbots allow businesses to enhance their user experience while maintaining a low business expense. Sounds too good to be true? Wrong. Residing in the age of technology, consumers are actively online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From a business standpoint, that means you need to be able to adhere to your customer’s desire for support and provide it when requested. With enterprise chatbots, you can provide around-the-clock customer service without having to pay for the high staffing costs. It’s also not rare for companies to meld the use of chatbots and live customer support representatives for a more robust customer experience.
  • Enhancing User Experience: Integration of chatbots enhance users experience through intuitive, engaging conversational interactions, which improves brand outlook and establishes a path for business growth. Enterprise bots designed for customer service help retain customers through shortened wait times and provide user assistance to get customers through the sales process more quickly and efficiently. Businesses experience lifts in conversion rate, user engagement and traffic when coupled with improved customer rapport and the ability to handle larger volumes of user requests.
  • Driving Organic Traffic: Chatbots and AI bots create an environment that drives a wider variety of quality organic traffic. The increase in perceived user value leads to brand stimulating factors, like better engagement, increased user retention, a rise in positive recommendations or reviews. These improvements increase your indexing opportunities, which in turn will augment your digital footprint, resulting in higher search engine rankings and more relevant traffic that converts.
  • Providing Feedback: Enterprise chatbots also serve as feedback tools that your business can leverage to refine initiatives in user experience, site functionality, products and services. By equipping your enterprise chatbot to ask for feedback, you are extracting useful information that allows you to tailor your business to better target and satisfy consumers. Leveraging feedback directly from the source — your customers — ensures your business has the competitive edge necessary for sustained growth.

Now that you understand what a chatbot is and the benefits of chatbot integration, it’s time to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly more competitive, chatbots are the stepping stone to staying ahead of the game. Reach us at if you need help increasing your digital presence, managing content or improving organic traffic.

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