• Oct 21, 16
  • Direct Agents

Direct Agents utilizes many different platforms and tools to gain measurable results for our clients. Brightedge is a venture backed company that transforms online content into tangible business results, such as traffic, revenue, and engagement. Oftem time, our clients create excellent content for their websites and we work to ensure that their content is increasing their SEO rankings and building brand awareness online. 

One client, a major North American transportation company, suffered from Google’s Pigeon update. They began to see major losses for their non-brand organic rankings. With their organic traffic and revenue plummeting year-over-year, they reached out to Direct Agents with the hope of enhancing the situation. With well-thought out strategies as well as the support of Brightedge’s Data Cube, Direct Agents sought to help this brand regain their lost rankings, traffic and revenue. 

To find out what steps Direct Agents’ team took as well as the features they used within Data Cube, check out our featured case study on Brightedge.com.

We're also attending Share16, a Brightedge conference in San Francisco this week from 10/24 to 10/26.