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Paid Search & SEO


At Direct Agents, we are passionate about developing new and innovative solutions for our advertisers, continuously adapting and growing accounts under management. Through our Paid Search Marketing campaigns and SEO, we build customized campaigns to provide an optimal buyer experience and maximize traffic and revenue for your online business.

Why Direct Agents Search?


  •   Reporting: We pay extra attention to accurate data, fully understand metrics, and acquire a strong knowledge of reporting tools.
  •   Transparency: We offer full transparency to our clients to collaborate for the best actionable plan.
  •   Communication: We find that performance thrives with more client communication.
  •   Professionalism: An experienced senior level analyst runs each client’s account.
  •   Performance: We place an importance on understanding how to extract true performance from an account.

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  •   Enterprise Technology: We tie together web rankings in Brightedge, Google Analytics & Google Webmaster to one platform.
  •   Proprietary in-house technology: DirectLink is our tool that crawls the web to discover linkless mentions.
  •   Flexible Management: We drive your entire SEO strategy to work with your in-house and become an extension of your marketing department.
  •   Expertise: We are all experts with a stellar track record to provide you with a strategy that is optimized down to driving results.

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