For nearly 19 years, our growth has been inspired by the fast-paced nature of the industry, working with brands at the forefront of the future. We are committed to elevating the visionary brands we work with– businesses spearheading innovation. The industry’s most successful brands need a team that’s able to move with them to stay one step ahead of the challenges ahead.

We’re a team of creators, problem solvers, and analytical thinkers. Driven by growth and innovation, we take on the industry’s biggest challenges and this enables us to outpace the competition and look ahead in all aspects of our marketing strategies.

Here’s to celebrating 19 years! We are inspired to see Direct Agents continue to help transform the brands we work with. We are Innovators in action – never stopping to look back and always shaping and adapting to the future of digital advertising.

The idea of “visionaries” is very much inspired by the story of how Direct Agents was founded. “When we founded Direct Agents in 2003, we envisioned an agency culture focused on diversity, education, and hustle,” said Josh Boaz, Co-Founder of Direct Agents. “Building the company’s foundation on these key pillars has allowed us to create a culture where employees are empowered to create their own career journey and make an impact.”

Josh and Dinesh Boaz have both shared a passion and expertise for entrepreneurship, advertising & marketing. When they were young, the Boazs immigrated to the US from India and Sri Lanka. In part, this move taught the Boaz’s the importance of a hard work ethic, passion, and innovation, which played a huge role in the development of Direct Agents. The Boaz’s were dedicated to bringing their vision to build an independent business at the forefront of innovation, to life. Since 2003, the agency has worked with major brands across a variety of verticals to create and elevate best-in-class multichannel strategies.

“What encompasses being a visionary? I think what stays true to our beginnings is entrepreneurship,” said Dinesh Boaz, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Direct Agents. “It’s drive. It’s being passionate. It’s having that grit. It’s problem-solving. It’s taking on challenges where no challenge is too big, no problem is too large, and no competitor to the way we work is going to stay in our way of doing something.”

The core values and mission established by Josh and Dinesh have translated into a dynamic business built to stand the test of time. We look forward to continuing to transform entrepreneurial vision into reality.

– Shay Roman, Content Marketing Specialist