Amazon Series: Amazon Attribution

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Amazon Attribution, Amazon’s new beta measurement solution, will provide brands the ability to measure the impact of search, display, and video channels based on how consumers discover, research and buy their products on Amazon. This is the first time Amazon has released an attribution solution like this one. This new beta will provide brands that sell on Amazon with sales impact analysis across media channels off Amazon. According to Amazon, “Amazon Attributions unique conversion metrics — including Amazon detail page views, purchase rate, and sales — give you a comprehensive view into how each of your marketing tactics contributes to shopping activity on Amazon.” Amazon Attribution will show both internal (AMS) and external (AAP, non-Amazon external) traffic. Another benefit is that sales reporting will show total sales – even if a third party or vendor made the sale.

With Amazon Attribution, you can:

  • Measure: Gain insight into advertising channel effectiveness through Amazon sales impact analysis
  • Optimize: On-demand attribution reporting allows for in-flight optimization
  • Plan: Review channel performance and relevant Amazon audience segment insights to help plan future marketing strategies that can maximize ROI

Amazon cites a case study from Premier nutrition. Premier Nutrition observes a 96% quarter-over-quarter growth in sales and a 322% year-over-year growth in sales on Amazon for its Premier Protein products after implementing Amazon Attribution. As of now, the program is only available to vendors and free for advertisers.

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