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With the onset of Shelter-In-Place across the nation, consumer intent for goods has changed drastically and continues to change on a week-to-week basis as people go through phases of this quarantine. We are tracking overall changes in consumer intent by keyword and by category on Amazon on a weekly basis. With 50% of product searches starting on Amazon, these statistics can be expected to be representative of the greater US population. Amazon ad spend & sales will typically lag but follow these trends. These trends also reflect what is happening with offline accessibility and availability.

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Week ending May 30, 2020

Following a significant drop last week, the Entertainment (+4%) category saw a bump back to the positive side. The largest keyword level change came from “hbo”, which alone saw a +50% increase, due to AT&T launching HBO Max on May 27th. While initial reviews of the new streaming service have reported “HBO Max Isn’t a Game Changer for AT&T” due to “confusing branding” and “uncertainty”, we still expect to see traffic around keywords relating to HBO and exclusive HBO Max content.

The Gifts & Holiday (-17%) saw another week of declines as fewer consumers are still searching for graduation gifts and decoration keywords. However, we did see further increases in Father’s Day-related terms, which have been slowly crawling up the top 1,000 terms list since mid-May. Looking back at 2019, the biggest influx of volume for Father’s Day keywords came the second week of June, so we are still awaiting this year’s surge.

Seventeen variations of the search term “face mask” saw positive WoW changes, including “face mask reusable”, “face shields”, “cloth face mask”, and “black mask”. In particular, within Amazon Retail Analytics Premium, we see 1 product (ASIN: B086KMYNSS) as either the #1 or #2 clicked ASIN for 5 of the top 30 search terms across all of Amazon. Not only do we attribute these increases to less strict COVID-19 quarantine practices, but also to a huge surge in Black Lives Matter protests. People are continuing to pour onto streets in groups of thousands, a major change from movement practices the past few months. Consumers are seeing the importance of face masks not only to protect themselves against COVID-19, but also to conceal their identities during protests. We expect to see surges in products recommended by organizations to carry to protests, including gloves, goggles, ear plugs, first aid supplies, water, and snacks.

As predicted last week, due to heat waves hitting the Western part of the U.S. and multiple provinces throughout Canada, both countries saw enormous surges for heat-relief products, raising the Home & Kitchen category +10% and +8% respectively. In the U.S. “portable air conditioner”, “air conditioner portable”, “air conditioner”, “pool”, and “fan” saw a minimum +75% increase in search term velocity. In Canada, the same five keywords saw a minimum +87% increase in search term velocity. Following these trends, we predict more volume increases within this category, potentially for patio furniture, pool toys and pool cleaning supplies, and dehumidifiers.

This week’s top 25 search terms saw “face mask” and “clorox wipes” take the number 1 and 2 ranking for the third-straight week. “Pool” jumped to the number 3 ranking, the highest it has ever reached in both 2020 and 2019. On the other hand, “toilet paper” fell to the number 10 ranking, the lowest it has seen since the last week of February.


Health Supplies Category WoW Changes

Home & Kitchen Category WoW Changes

Canada - Home & Kitchen Category WoW Changes

Week ending May 23, 2020

Outdoor and beach gear is continuing to slowly gain more traffic, with further increases in the terms “tent” and “beach chair”, and with “picnic basket”, “beach umbrella”, and “beach towel”, reaching the top 1,000 search terms list. Across the country, people flooded national parks and beaches over Memorial Day Weekend. With more outdoor public spaces opening up and summer weather rolling in nationwide, we expect more traffic relating to camping, going to the beach, golfing, and other socially distant outdoor activities. Also, the Food (+11%) category was up WoW, for the first time since the end of March. However, instead of seeing panic-buying habits, we see people purchasing for food while spending time outdoors. Pantry items that people stocked up on, such as “flour”, “yeast”, “pasta”, and “rice” remain down WoW, while products related to picnicking outdoors or at the beach, such as “snacks”, “chips”, and “ice cream” saw increases. Additionally, “keto snacks”, “keto”, and “weight loss” saw positive WoW changes, as more people prepare to spend time outdoors and in swimsuits during the summer.

Conversely, the Entertainment (-35%) category saw the biggest WoW decline. We saw people preferring to spend time outdoors rather than streaming content indoors, with “scoob”, “comedy”, “disney”, “documentaries” and other streaming-related keywords bringing in large WoW declines, and most notably, a -145% decrease for the search term “movies”.

As predicted, the Toys & Games (+11%) category continues to see growth around outdoor recreation and pool-related activities, rather than indoor games that we saw surge two months ago. “Water balloons”, “cornhole outdoor game”, and “pool toys” saw the biggest WoW changes, and “water slide”, and “inflatable water slide” reached the top 1,000 search terms for the first time in 2020. On the other hand, several variations of “puzzles”, including “puzzles for adults” and “1000 piece puzzles” saw their fifth-straight week of double digit WoW declines.

This week’s top 25 search terms saw little WoW changes, with “face mask”, “lysol” and “wipes” keywords seeing several frequencies and variations. Additionally, “Fathers day gifts for dad” reached the top 25 search terms for the first time. Looking back to 2019, Father’s Day-related keywords did not start picking up traffic until the second week of June, showing that consumers are searching for Father’s Day gifts 2 weeks earlier YoY.

We recently incorporated Amazon Search Term Data from Canada. Canada’s top 25 search terms appeared fairly similar to the U.S., with 6 variations of “face masks”. The Fitness & Sports (+8%) saw a positive WoW change for the first time in seven weeks. While home gym-related keywords such as “weights dumbbells set”, “yoga mat”, “treadmill”, and “gym equipment” saw decreases, outdoor sports-related products such as “golf”, “camping accessories”, “paddleboards”, “mountain bike”, and “basketball” saw increases above +30%. Similarly, the Health Supplies (+4%) saw its first WoW increase in 10 weeks. Keywords like “masks reusable”, “sunscreen”, “clorox wipes”, and “gloves disposable medical”, with several variations on face mask and wipes-related terms saw significant WoW changes. Like the U.S., these frequencies show us that consumers are shopping for products to protect themselves when spending time outdoors, rather than stocking up on household cleaning items. Lastly, Central Canada is experiencing a heat wave, and since many public cooling centers like shopping malls and swimming pools remain closed, we expect to see more search traffic for heat-relief tools, such as fans, air-conditioning, or inflatable pools.

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Food Category WoW Category Changes

Entertainment Category WoW Changes

Toys & Games Category WoW Changes

Canada - Health Supplies Category WoW Changes

Canada - Sports & Fitness Category WoW Changes

Week ending May 16, 2020

The Beauty & Wellness (-12%) category saw its 4th straight week of incremental decline. As more states allow non-essential businesses, such as beauty and hair salons, to begin reopening, consumers are ditching the at-home treatments that we saw surge last month. Particularly, hair and nail-related products such as “nail kit”, “nail file”, “waxing kit”, and “hair clippers” saw decreases. However, many makeup-related search terms, such as “eyelashes”, “makeup bag”, and “eyeshadow palette” saw a WoW surge, as more people start to spend more time outdoors and in public.

We’re seeing more search volume around keywords related to outdoor gear, as more consumers look for a way to travel and spend time outdoors while maintaining social distancing. “Fishing pole” and “beach chair” reached the top 1,000 search terms list for the first week, while “tent”, “camping accessories”, “fishing”, and “golf balls” continued their upward trajectory of search-term ranking.

As the school year ends and we move into summer, we expect to see continued growth within the Toys & Games (+3%) category around pool and water toys/accessories. At the onset of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, Toys & Games saw a huge surge (+55%), but began tapering off with WoW decreases all throughout April. Looking back to 2019, “kayak” and “pool floats for adults” began surging mid-May, while pool-related keywords such as “inflatable pool” jumped starting in June. This year, we’ve already been seeing increased traffic around the same keywords starting in late-April, showing that consumers are searching for outdoor toys and water accessories 2-4 weeks earlier YoY. “Pool” ranked 19 out of all search terms across Amazon this week, breaking the top 25 for the 2nd consecutive week, while maxing out at a rank of 85 for all of 2019.

The Clothing & Apparel (+5%) and Electronics (+4%) categories saw 6 and 5 straight weeks of positive WoW changes respectively, the longest positive streaks currently for any category. As predicted, summer clothing and mobile accessories-related keywords are continuing to increase their score in the list of top-ranked search terms. We expect to see continued growth, as these categories dominate a majority of the top 25 search terms YoY.

This week’s top 25 search terms saw 6 variations of the number 1 ranking term, “face mask”, including “n95 mask” and “masks for germ protection”. There were also 4 variations of “lysol”, such as “lysol spray” and “lysol wipes”. With these frequencies, we see consumers shopping more for protecting themselves when venturing outdoors, rather than panic-buying and stocking up on household cleaning items.

For the full category and keyword data please register for our interactive dashboard.


Beauty & Wellness

Toys & Games

Week ending May 9, 2020

The Gifts & Holiday (+42%) category saw the largest WoW increase of high-ranking search terms for the 3rd straight week. While Mother’s Day-related keywords are sure to drop off, we’ve noticed consumers continuing to plan for 2020 Graduation and getting an early look ahead to Father’s Day. In fact, “fathers day gifts for dad” ranked 222 out of all search terms across Amazon, while never breaking the top 1,000 in 2019. Year over year, Father’s Day-related keywords surged the week of 6/15/19, though in 2020 we expect to see spikes in late May.

The Entertainment (+24%) category saw its 2nd straight week of lift. The largest keyword level change came from “star wars”, due to Star Wars Day celebrated on May 4th. Additionally, consumers are starting to take advantage of warmer weather nationwide, with even “slip and slide” ranking 769 as we head into summer.

Within the Health Supplies (-16%) category, the number of top-ranking search terms continued to subside. However, as new research emerges regarding a link between Vitamin D deficiency and an increased mortality rate of COVID-19, we’ve seen a 55% increase in search term rank for “vitamin d”.

With more and more states easing quarantine restrictions, we’ve continued to see broad changes in consumer demand. Clothing & Apparel (+17%) continued its 5th straight week of increases in consumer demand with top search terms being “fashion”, “jewelry”, and “womens tshirts”. On the other hand, Food (-5%) saw its 7th week of reductions in demand as more restaurants open up. Notably, baking-related food products such as “yeast for bread”, “flour”, and “eggs” showed contractions. However, we’re keeping a close eye as more reports of meat shortages continue to affect food supply nationwide. Lastly, as people step outdoors more, we saw a surge in the keyword “lysol laundry sanitizer”, which contributed to the lift in the Household Supplies (+10%) category for the first time since 4/11.

We expect to see continued growth within the Electronics (+1%) category, which saw its 4th week of lift. Looking back at 2019, “bluetooth headphones”, “iphone chargers”, “airpods” and other mobile accessories search terms dominate nearly every spot of the top 15 search terms, with “wireless earbuds” most notably ranking 1 for six straight weeks. Also, as more consumers purchase the new MacBook and await the release of the Google Pixel 4a, we expect more volume around laptop and smartphone accessories.



Clothing & Apparel

2019 Top 25 Search Terms

Week ending May 2, 2020

Across Amazon we continue to see COVID-19 panic buying subsiding, as Household Supplies (-27%) showed an identical decrease WoW, marking the 6th week of reductions in consumer demand. Multiple household products showed contractions, including “paper towels”, “bleach”, “tissues”, “hand soap”, “dish soap”, while most notably, “toilet paper” has also dropped from being the most frequently searched keyword for the first time since March 14.

Within Clothing & Apparel (+16%), we continue to see broad surges in consumer demand with more seasonal behaviors at play. Summer wear clothing maintained positive changes, particularly with “swimsuits for women”, “sandals for women” “mens shorts” and “dresses for women casual summer”. Conversely, at-home clothing keywords that previously saw positive spikes over the last three week period, such as “elastic bands for sewing”, “sweatpants for women”, “leggings”, “slippers”, are now negative in search volume week over week.

Seasonality was also a factor for the 2nd straight week across the Gifts & Holiday (+33%) category, as more consumers plan for Mother’s Day and Graduation across the US. Mother’s Day gift-related search terms in particular, such as “gifts for mom”, “mothers day card”, “flowers” showed increases WoW, and we expect to see graduation related keywords like “graduation gifts” and “graduation decorations 2020” proportionally increase as preparations across the country start in May and go through mid-June.

For the full category and keyword data please register for our interactive dashboard.


Household Supplies

Gifts & Holiday

Week ending April 25, 2020

COVID-19 panic buying around the country seems to have dramatically scaled back as the greatest decline week over week in categorical demand includes Household Supplies (-27%) and Food (-18%) categories. Household Supplies initially increased threefold (+329%) at the onset of COVID-19. Week-over-week keywords with the biggest changes in demand in the Household Supplies category include “toilet paper”, “paper towel”, “toilet tissue”, and “toilet paper bulk”.

We are seeing a continuing increase in demand within the Clothing & Apparel category (+20%). Initially, at the onset of COVID-19, Clothing & Apparel took the largest hit (-69%), but now (5 weeks into the quarantine) is starting to climb its way back up in consumer demand; jumping from a low of 2% to 9% of the top 1,000 search terms. Week-over-week keywords with the biggest changes in demand in the Clothing & Apparel category all relate to women’s summer wear. Search terms include “swimsuits for women“, “bikini“, “shorts for women“, “sunglasses for women“, “sandals for women“, and “summer dresses for women“.

Of all categories this week, Gifts & Holiday experienced the largest increase (+50%). Keywords with the biggest changes in demand in the Gifts & Holiday category include “mothers day gifts“, “gift card“, “mothers day“, and “graduation decorations 2020“, as Mother’s Day and graduation are around the corner.

As always, for full category and keyword data please register for our interactive dashboard.



Gifts & Holiday

Week of April 18th, 2020

Over the last week we are seeing the largest jump in the demand within the Clothing & Apparel category (+70%) as well as the Electronics category (+58%). Clothing and Apparel took the largest hit initially (-86%) and now 4 weeks into the quarantine, is starting to climb its way back up in consumer demand. Car/Car Accessories are surprisingly showing a small upward trend.

The greatest decline in categorical demand over the last week include Food (-51%), Household Supplies (-20%) and Health & Personal Care/PPE (-20%) categories. The keyword with the biggest jump week over week is “mothers day gifts“.

Week over week keywords with the biggest changes in demand in the Electronics category include “led strip lights“, “gaming chair“, “gaming laptop“, “ring light“, “airpods” and “wireless headphones“, motivated by those gaming at home or working from home.

Week over week keywords with the biggest changes in demand in the Clothing & Apparel category include “womens tops“, “bras for women“, “womens slippers“, “sandals for women“, “summer dresses for women“. For those servicing this category, we recommend ensuring inventory levels and related ads for female apparel are prioritized and ready to go.

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