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Featured in MediaPost

Brands Learn A Wealth Of Details About Consumers During COVID-19

The one transformation that brands are reluctant to talk about is how many insights they are gaining from transactions as consumer behavior continues to change based on COVID-19.

Featured in MediaPost

Break-Your-Heart Creatives By Direct Agents, Singer Michelle Mangione Support Front-Line Workers

Creative talents are stepping up and using digital media to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Some are sending heartfelt messages, while others are using their talent to earn and contribute funds to the front lines.

Featured in Billboard Insider

Outfront uses Boards for World Art Day

To celebrate World Art Day this year, OUTFRONT Media joined forces with several artists to create messages of motivation, positivity, and unity to be shared on our digital out of home assets across the country. Our Uplifting America OUTFRAME Collaboration includes artwork from Shepard Fairey…

Featured in Digiday

‘This is a permanent shift’: Retail giants like Amazon capture more ad spending

Add retail media to the (small) list of winners from much of the world being forced to stay at home. For the advertisers in areas like clothing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, personal care and, in particular, consumer packaged goods media agency execs say ad dollars are moving toward…

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