Jesse Purewal – Learning Velocity

Today on Rising, we’re joined by Jesse Purewal. Jesse is the current Global Head of Brand at Qualtrics, where he and his team are defining the category of Experience Management and building a brand around Improving the Human Experience. He also hosts the Breakthrough Builders podcast, a Qualtrics-sponsored show that invites people with influential passions, perspectives, and instincts to share their stories. Prior to Qualtrics, Jesse was a Partner at Prophet, where he worked with clients in SaaS, mobility, AI, business services and more, and launched brands like T-Mobile’s Un-carrier, Intel’s Amazing, and Amazon’s Amazon Business.

Abby Reiner – The Little Things Are The Big Things

Today on Rising, we are joined by Abby Reiner, the Director of Global Brand Reputation and Community Impact at Johnson & Johnson Vision. In this role, Abby is responsible for global business development, brand communication, social media strategy, and much more. Please enjoy this wonderful conversation that dives into brand management, career pivots, and embracing opportunity. Hosted by Josh Boaz and Mat Zucker, Rising is produced by Direct Agents and Prophet. Visit us at rising-podcast.com and please subscribe to never miss a show!

Don Mathis of Comcast NBCUniversal – Finding the Balance

Today on Rising, we are joined by Don Mathis, the Senior Vice President of Strategic Development & Growth at Comcast NBCUniversal, among many other things. In this role, Don focuses on establishing, acquiring, and/or investing in new ventures that broaden Comcast NBCUniversal’s offerings, accessing new & emerging markets, capitalizing on disruptive technologies, and facilitating enterprise transformation. Don currently serves as Board Director at BluVector, A Comcast Company that works with state-of-the-art AI to revolutionize network security, as well as at Quil, a digital health platform that provides personalized and interactive health journies to consumers and their caregivers. Welcome, Don!