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Paid Social Media

Converting audiences into customers across all social media platforms








We combine research, data, and best-in-class campaign management practices to hack growth and scale for our clients

Identity Mapping

Quantifying network affinity and media mix modeling ensuring precise media investment distribution for desired performance outcomes

Custom Algorithm

Our in-house optimization layer that functions on top of native campaign platforms to implement our “secret sauce” for performance management

AI-Powered Audiences

Beyond the basics, we get down to their passions, motivations, and subconscious preferences. We uncover the deepest audience segments and engage them with personalized ad experiences

Customer Acquisition

Performance marketing is in our DNA. We are experts at driving response and ROI across the social media ecosystem

Performance Creative

Our AI tools analyze millions of social ad interactions to identify base elements that increase (or decrease) response within specific audience groups. That means our creative design starts out optimized, which significantly improves algorithm efficiency.

Facebook Marketing Partner

We maximize our status in this program to bring all of its perks to our clients. Early access to beta products, account audits, and private media summits are just a few of these benefits.

Brand Storytelling

Top funnel engagement is often overlooked by data-driven marketers. We understand the cost and revenue implications across the entire marketing funnel and structure brand campaigns with direct response elements to hold ourselves accountable and deliver positive return.

Data Integration

We combine our in-house campaign and creative data with curated third-party segments. This proprietary combination accelerates algorithmic learning and allows us to run more personalized campaigns.

Audience Expansion

We use AI and machine learning to analyze social audiences and their behaviors. Utilizing this data we are able to identify new audience segments (and sub-segments) to expand beyond the core customer personas to scale acquisition growth.

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