• Dec 17, 14
  • Rachel Vesey

The snow has made its yearly debut just in time for the holidays! With Christmas and New Years around the corner, advertisers need to ensure that their Adwords and Bing campaigns are on point for targeting the online holiday shopper. If you or your clients are running holiday specials, it’s imperative that your PPC campaigns promote them as vividly as possible. Preparation is key, as well as finding time-saving methods to manage your tasks at scale.

Most businesses run specific holiday promotions from Black Friday through the end of the year. Many of these promotions are short-lived and need to be managed both efficiently and concisely. For larger companies, this involves a simultaneous push on ad text and landing page adjustments across multiple campaigns to enforce a unified brand image and drive conversions.

To ensure you stay on course with any rotating changes for multiple campaigns, I recommend utilizing the bulk uploads feature that is part of Adwords. Google recently rolled out further updates such as these to their Adwords interface, making bulk changes a simple and efficient process.

The bulk uploads feature gives you the capability to download spreadsheets, make bulk changes offline then upload your updated spreadsheet back into Adwords with your changes active or paused (ready and waiting). This can be applied to campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and product groups.

If the goal, for instance, is to create a new ad promoting a special across every enabled ad group in all campaigns, first, download a spreadsheet of all enabled ads from all enabled campaigns.


Run through your ad spreadsheet and delete duplicates so that you have one ad from every campaign and ad group. You can also change the “Status” column for all ads from “Active” to “Paused” so when you upload the ads, they are automatically paused until you need them.

Once edits are made to create your new ads, save the spreadsheet as an .xlsx file or .csv file, then upload the spreadsheet directly into Adwords. You have now created your new ads needed for the holiday season!


I also find the labels in Adwords very useful (I label my original ads as well as the promotional ads). This makes it really easy to set rules to ensure your ads run within their allotted time frames, and that you always have live ads running for your campaigns.

Oh, and if you don't use AdWords, don't fret! Bing Ads has a similar feature that follow a similar download, edit, and upload process.

Cheers to your successful holiday PPC campaigns – happy holidays!

By Rachel Vessy, Search Associate