• Jul 26, 16
  • Direct Agents

A sophisticated paid search strategy encompasses consistency, advanced targeting, relevance, branding and unlimited testing. However, as the digital marketing industry continues to rapidly change, it’s often difficult to be aware of the newest additions to Google AdWords. Businesses should be certain that their search efforts include all available features to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their sites. 

Some of these new features are Expanded Text Ads, Device Bid Adjustment, Promoted Pins and Branded Pins on Google Maps. We know that maximizing ad space and reachability for businesses in every industry is crucial, and with these new features and an educated team, the task can easily be completed. 

Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads will allow for two times the amount of text space than before. This provides more room for brands to deliver detailed messages to their prospective customers. Google predicts a possible 20 percent increase in CTR from this added text space. 

Source: Search Engine Journal

To be released in Q3:

Device Bid Adjustment

Bid Adjustments allow for advertisers to control their bidding and placements of their ads. In Q3, Google will give advertisers the option to set individual bid adjustments, creating campaigns that only target mobile or tablet or both. With this feature, campaigns can have a more device-specific strategy, resulting in a more customized target audience 

Promoted & Branded Pins on Google Maps 

Currently, when a user searches on Google Maps a broad location such as “New York City” or “Los Angeles”, the map will bring the user to this area without any specific results or locally listed businesses. However, Google will soon roll out promoted pins to be available for purchase. These pins will enable businesses to increase the number of impressions they receive on Google Maps, driving more foot traffic to those locations. 

Branded pins will replace the generic red circle pin that appears on the map with a circular version of their logo, which will increase brand awareness and gather more interest and attention from users.  These branded pins will be eligible to include promotions and discounts associated with the brand to encourage visits to the location. 


Source: Search Engine Journal  

What do all of these new features have in common for advertisers? A push towards increased visibility and a mobile-first mindset.

Direct Agents is currently offering these new features to clients as they are released. Please reach out to marketing@directagents.com for more inquiries.