• Oct 24, 16
  • Direct Agents

It was only a matter of time before Apple would start offering adverts within the Apple Store and slowly but surely, a small percentage of app store users are starting to see them. This new platform allows developers a way to pay for users in discovering their apps. Sponsored ads will include all of the same information similar to that of a search result, such as name, rating, and price of the app. These will appear above all search results. To differentiate from an unpaid result, it will include a light blue background along with a small “Ad” badge near the app name. 

According to Apple, 65 percent of app downloads come directly from search results within the App Store. Pairing this with the range of targeting options that Apple is giving to advertisers, brands can be certain their ad is appearing in front of the most relevant users. 

Here are some of the benefits we’ve been seeing with iOS Search Ads: 

  • Extensive targeting based on gender, location, age, and interests
  • Direct control over when and where your ad appears: Apple has outdone Google with the extensive targeting options they are offering for iOS Ads
  • Comprehensive analytics tools to track engagement and easily adjust limits

In addition to the target options we’ve mentioned earlier, iOS Search Ads is allowing advertisers the ability to target directly against their competitors’ app as well as specific business verticals. For example, if you’re a new on-demand cab service app looking to gain app installs, you can directly target an application, such as Uber allowing for a higher chance of app visibility even when a user searches directly for Uber.

Brands with smaller budgets can be assured that they can still effectively use iOS Search Ads. As long as your brand is relevant to what you are targeting and you have some kind of a budget, your app will make its way to the appropriate audience. Apple’s official search blog statesIf an ads is not relevant to what the user is looking for, it will not shown in the ad spot regardless of much you are willing to pay.” With no minimums or exclusive usage rights, Apple seems to be doing a great job ensuring that smaller developers can take advantage of the iOS Search Ads platform.

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