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Our Mission

Our mission is to help define our client’s future and success. Through our strong partnerships and thought leadership, we aim to continually expand our offerings and access to cutting edge digital tools to achieve our client’s objectives. We also strive to have an active role in the industry in order to fuel our ability to offer insights into ongoing trends and our ability to implement the newest technologies.

Our Leaders


Dinesh Boaz

Managing Director and Co-Founder

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Josh Boaz

Managing Director and Co-Founder

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Lyle Srebnick


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Megan Conahan


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Mark Glauberson

SVP of Media

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Rachel Nugent

VP of Client Services

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Daniel Owen

SVP Search and Analytics

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Sadie Culbreth

Director of Client Services

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Daniel Moran

Creative Team Leader

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Jennifer Graeffe

Sr. Client Services Manager

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Nicholas Galante

Director of Programmatic

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Eddy Gil

Director of Finance

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Our Story

Direct Agents was founded in 2003 by brothers, Dinesh and Josh Boaz. The brothers both came from backgrounds in marketing and sales and started working in online advertising in 2001. Josh and Dinesh started the company when they saw the opportunity to offer clients a high level of expertise in digital customer acquisition and performance marketing.


Although Direct Agents began as a three-person business, DA now boasts a payroll of more than 50 people and has built several business units including Search, Programmatic and Creative and its revenue and team have shown growth consistently during the last five years.


Direct Agents has received many awards and accolades including Crain’s Top 25, Inc. 5000, Crain’s Fast 50, The Agency Business Report, Hot 100, The American Business Award and The Communicator Award.

Our Partners


Google Partners, American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's), Kenshoo, IAB certified, UBS partner, Google Certified Analytics Partner and many more.


Diversity, integrity, fun, and enthusiasm are values that are integral to our company culture.
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We Want To Grow, Learn, Strive, Innovate...
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The drive and passion that NYC embraces has truly inspired us along our journey.
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