• Aug 17, 16
  • Direct Agents

Direct Agents spoke again at MediaPost’s Programmatic Insider Summit. Last year, our Director of Programmatic Nicholas Galante spoke on stage with a client on the methodology of mobile retargeting. This year, Nicholas returned to Lake Tahoe as a panelist on ‘Going Clean: Managing Fraud.’ This panel addressed how marketers can stay ahead of fraudsters along with how buyers can find clean supply and be aware of new threats. Speaking alongside him were the Director of Resolution Media, Nate Mosack, Head of Programmatic at Fetch, Joshua Niederriter and Digital Media Lead at McGarrah Jessee, Belinda Smith.  

“Going Clean: Managing Fraud”, 9:45 AM (PST) on August 22, 2016
Session Description: Keeping ahead of fraudsters, especially as the lure of video CPMs brings in increasingly sophisticated invalid traffic, is forever evolving. Even as ad tech controls get more effective, new areas of concern like “sourced traffic” pop up elsewhere. How are buyers finding clean supply and even keeping ahead of the curve of new threats? What partnerships are working across buyer, ad tech and publisher? How is the issue of fraud impacting relationships across the supply chain and shifting spend in and out of different channels?  Or is the problem of digital display and video fraud just accelerating the secular shift away from traditional advertising altogether?

The MediaPost Programmatic Insider Summit is an exclusive three day conference, dedicated for marketing experts to provide and share insights. This year’s conference is focusing on quality, user experience and content along with the current issues advertisers are facing.

As we truly value thought leadership to prove ourselves as industry leaders, we are constantly speaking on stage at multiple conferences throughout the year. We seek to provide insight and knowledge to digital marketers on current trends and strategies.