• Jun 14, 16
  • Direct Agents

Most digital marketers are familiar with the common features of Google Analytics, such as site visits, traffic sources, and best performing content. However, there are many other components that are often missed or underutilized. We are now offering DA Analytics, the newest addition to our award-winning, omni-channel solutions 

Watch our Senior Search Strategist - Analytics Team Lead, Joseph Sauro, explain the capabilities of our new robust solution.

As data accuracy and full-scale tracking capabilities are key to understanding your consumers’ conversion paths, our Analytics team will begin with a comprehensive audit. From there, tracking solutions will be created along with an in-depth site performance to show areas of opportunity for your business. Opening up the full capabilities of Analytics to our clients will provide them with in-depth channel insights, as well as actionable recommendations into on-site performance and user behavior trends.

Key Features of Analytics:
●    Guaranteed accurate and clean data
●    Custom tailored tracking solutions
●    Advanced segmentation breaking up users by behavior, demographic and technology
●    In-depth site performances

Whether you currently have a live campaign with us or are looking to add Analytics to your existing marketing initiatives, we can provide you with the insights needed to drive your business with a deeper level of data. To learn more, please contact marketing@directagents.com