• Aug 19, 16
  • Direct Agents

We are proud to announce that we are one of the founding members of the On Demand Industry Association.

Recently launched, On Demand Industry Association is a first-of-its-kind organization dedicated to advocating for and advancing the industry of on-demand businesses and service providers. ODIA serves as a voice for on-demand businesses, while also educating consumers on how to safely select and utilize the services.

These leading edge companies are shaping the way business is done, but face the unique challenges of an evolving regulatory climate working to adapt the break-neck speed of technology. ODIA’s advocacy efforts focus on representing the on-demand industry in regulatory affairs, and striving for policies that protect consumers, workers, and the companies.  

“We’re very excited to become a founding member of ODIA,” said Josh Boaz, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Direct Agents. “The on-demand industry is growing at a rapid pace and we have been working with a number of leading companies in this vertical during the last few years. As an ODIA member, we will have access to a community that will advocate for on-demand businesses while collaborating with like-minded companies, addressing collective issues, and sharing industry research and data.”

About ODIA

The On Demand Industry Association (ODIA) is the only association focused on the growth, support, and advancement of on-demand businesses. The companies operating in the rapidly-developing On-Demand Economy face unique challenges and opportunities. By pooling the resources and knowledge of hundreds of on-demand companies from around the world,

ODIA is able to accomplish goals far beyond the scope of any single entity. ODIA facilitates connecting on-demand companies; sharing knowledge as a community; advancing technology for the on-demand economy; advocating for the on-demand economy. For more information on ODIA, watch this video or visit www.odiaorg.com.

About Direct Agents

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