Amazon Advertising Trending News: Product Detail Page Targeting for Sponsored Brands Video

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Amazon recently announced its latest updates to paid advertising: brands can now reach customers with video ads in two new ways: 

    1. As they browse product detail pages
    2. As they filter search results for products similar to yours

Product and category targeting is not new to Amazon. These have been effective targets for some time across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and static Sponsored Brands advertising. However, with Sponsored Brands Video, brands can now directly target products and categories with a unique ad unit with stronger storytelling capabilities. 

Why should brands utilize product and category targeting for SBV ads?

  • Steal market share: Targeting products allows for a larger and more engaging ad unit to appear on competitors’ product detail pages
  • Reach more consumers: Targeting categories expand a brand’s reach by bidding on several relevant categories, and filtering bidding by price, brand, or reviews
  • Lower Ad Costs: CPC’s on product detail page targeting are historically lower than on the Amazon search page
  • Optimize Targeting Strategies: Category and ASIN level reporting allows for new and refined insights

Direct Agents recommends both an offensive and defensive product page advertising strategy for Sponsored Brands Video. Own advertising space on your product pages to prevent competitors’ presence and open up cross-selling opportunities, and conquest your competitors’ product pages with a mix of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brands Video targeting to steal sales and gain market share.

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Allison Eng, eCommerce Associate Strategist